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Advantages to buying a children's folding picnic table

Updated on December 27, 2015

Since the table folds up to a manageable size, it is easy to store and you can take it anywhere you may need a table and since it is a picnic table, it is both a table and provides seating also. You can take it to the park, to the beach, on camping trips. It can be used inside the house for extra seating when you are having a large family gathering, outside in the yard for a yard party or birthday party or at a tailgate party at the football game

There are tables suitable for adults and ones suitable for children which usually seat up to 4 people or children. The children's size table can be used to play on, color, play dough or eat lunch on. The tables come in various styles and materials such at wooden, molded plastic or metal. Some are adjustable for height and come with an umbrella to provide shade. Since they fold up for easy storage, they can be stored inside in the winter which helps preserve and prevent them from getting weathered looking.

I especially like the Lifetime children's folding picnic table. It is made of molded plastic, folds up to 3” wide, is easy to store and cleans up nicely from children’s activities. I use mine when my grandchildren come

They always want me to get it up from the basement where I store it. They love playing on it and it is great for them to sit and eat on. I even took it along for a weekend at a VRBO with my children and their families. It provided a table just their size for my grandkids to sit and eat together. I now have 7 grandchildren and one coming anyday. They are all 3 and under so I am planning on getting a second table so that I can have seating for all 8 of them. There would not be enough room around my table for all of these children and their parents so makes a good way to be able to seat everyone comfortably. One of my granddaughters loved it so much that her parents had to buy one for her to use at her house. She eats all her meals while sitting at her table. She has a little sister who will be one year old soon and will join her at her table


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