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Southshore Mates Twin Bed: Adventures in the Easy Assembly

Updated on July 19, 2011

My granddaughter is 2 years old, now 99% potty trained and ready for the big girl bed. We searched and found a great "mates" bed from Southshore online. It came with handy drawers on the bottom and is a twin size. The description on said that it was easy to put together and one of the review also stated the same. So I ordered it.

The kit arrived and upon opening the box, the task looked daunting. There were so many parts and I felt discouraged. The box lay there for some time, nobody really wanting to undertake the task of putting this bed together.

Then one day my wonderful daughter, lovingly called "the engineer" by her grandmother, decided that enough was enough, she was going to put that bed together for her daughter.

It was an unbelievably hot day, one of those where you just want to sit in the shade and sip iced tea. But together she and I carried all the pieces into the house, knowing that we would have to do this project in the bedroom since it was too big to carry through the tiny house assembled.

After carrying these pieces in, I found other projects needing my attention in other parts of the house. Yes I was cowardly, I'm so horrible at assembling things.

I took a peek now and then and it was going wonderfully. My daughter really has an aptitude for assembling and figuring out the directions.

The room the bed was going in is also small as you can see and once the parts were carried inside, advice on the "how tos" was forthcoming.

Within a short time she needed help and I was amazed! The bed was taking shape! I helped her by holding pieces in place as she screwed them together.

Finally success! The bed was finished and I must say that it didn't take very long with the "engineer" in charge. My granddaughter was thrilled and loves it.

The first night we had to make do with the crib mattress, until I could get to the store to buy a new twin mattress. But she was so happy as you can see.

We just hope that someday her little legs will reach more than halfway down the length of the bed :)


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