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Advice From A Thief: Window Locks & Bolts For Sale: Home Security for The House

Updated on January 15, 2015

Window & Door Lock Advice.

Intruders not only steal valuable possessions, they also ruin lives. Window and simple door locks WILL help prevent the next victim being you.

An intruder or burglar, 99.9% of the time, will gain access through a window or door. These are the weak points in any building. And by taking a few extra security steps to protect your home, you may also be saving a life of one of your family.

Many times intruders not only gain access to steal for monetary gain, but also for other more diabolical reasons. Home security may not be cheap or sometimes not woorthwhile, but how much value do you put on your daughters life or sanity?

Professional Thieves

Many intruders, thieves, or burglars, now describe themselves as 'professionals'. John, a former intruder, has given an insight into how a thief's mind works, and how easy it is to get into almost anywhere.

After spending many years behind bars, John now spends his time helping to defend other peoples homes from the onslaught of rising crime figures.

Choosing Whom To Burgle

For the professional thief, choosing a target to produce the highest reward in one hit is important. An expensive car in the drive is a giveaway to possible rich pickings.

Others will watch their 'prey' for a few days to ascertain whether the women wear much jewelry, and may also watch their shopping habits, as well as at what time the family are away from the home.

Opportunistic thieves will just burgle anything that is easy to get into, even the shed.

Window Security


Security Film

Older windows, which are not double glazed, are the easiest to gain entry through says John. Either smash the window, remove the beading or putty, or simply wrench the window out of its casing.

Ways to help prevent this are simple. Security window film is an excellent way of preventing windows being smashed easily. The glass will break, but not shatter. This would prevent or slow down a would-be thief from sticking their hand through the window and undoing internal bolts.

The noise generated from excessively trying to break the glass would attract a lot of attention. And as time is of the essence for an intruder, this way of access may be a bit to much for them.

The film is available in different thicknesses with 4 mm being the most preferred for ease of application.

Click on the smaller images for available selection and more details.

No-Key Sash Window Locks
No-Key Sash Window Locks

Window locks.

Although most windows have them in today's society, most homes either do not use them, or do not have enough on each of the windows.

A simple leverage point in a window will ensure access is made in moments. Fitting one window lock to one side of the window is not enough. This allows the leverage point. Two window locks should be fitted, one at either side.

This would reduce leverage, and therefore reduce the chance of being burgled. No-key window locks are easier to use by any member of the famly and also reduces the risk of losing the key.

Sliding Window Locks
Sliding Window Locks

Sliding window locks are advantageous, if they are accompanied by a simple wedge. A certain amount of leverage can force these locks to 'slip' whilst under pressure.

The adding of a wedge will increase the strength tenfold.

Many thieves do not bring their own tools, and even finding a garden spade will give them the tool they need to force open windows and doors. Always keep tools locked away.


Sometimes simple is best, but usually the cheapest window locks for sale and not the best to secure a home.

Spending that little bit extra can make all the difference between not having your wife waking up to an intruder in her bedroom, or keeping them outside of your property.

Click on the smaller images for available selection, reviews, and more details.

Window locks do serve a purpose, but stopping a determined thief is a different ballgame. Most burglaries are opportunistic, a thief sees a house and gives it a go.

If they cannot gain entry within a couple of minutes, they tend to wander off and try somewhere more easy.

Noise is a thief's worst enemy. Owning a dog is a good deterrent, as is having a burglar alarm.

Window Alarms

Simple and easy to fit. Window security takes a step forward when window alarms are fitted. Vibration will set the loud alarm off, warning the inhabitants that something is wrong. Once an alarm is triggered, almost all thieves will vanish into the night.

Cheap models have been known to have more sensitive or defective internal workings causing many false alarms through the night. If thinking about installing window alarms, opt for a well known brand which reduces the risk of false alarms.

These window alarms come with an off switch, but always remember to turn it back on again. Loud enough to hear from other rooms and even outside.

Natural Window Security

There are many natural and yet beautiful types of window security features. Simple rose bushes or thorny plants are brilliant.

No thief wants to tangle with thorns and leave possible DNA traces whilst being ripped to shreds. Many commercial premises protect their lower floor windows in this way.

Blackberry and raspberry bushes look beautiful, produce a fruit, and protect the home, nature at its best.

Free Link: Other Natural Defences.

Window Sensor Lights


Adding a sensor light to an otherwise obscured window is also a cheap window security trick. If the lights are positioned high enough away from the intruder and their implements.

If the lights are within easy reach, then they could simply be pushed out of position.

Opt for bright lights with a wide scope for sensoring movement. This will allow more ground outside of a window to be monitored.

If all these security measures are taken, then the probability of a home being burgled has dropped dramatically.

Fake / False Cameras


Older fake or false CCTV cameras were easily spotted by most burglars. Modern fake cameras are less likely to be identified.

No person who is about to commit a crime would usually take a chance if there were CCTV cameras in the area. They would simply move along and find an easier target.

Dummy CCTV cameras require a high positioning and need to be in full visibility to give maximum effect.

There are many ideas and inventions to help protect a home from intruders. Most are worthwhile if fitted correctly, used properly, and adequate for the job in hand.


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    • torrilynn profile image


      4 years ago

      thanks for the hub. thieves always frighten me and I try to keep my house secure and safe at all times. voted up and Happy Holidays.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Especially around the holidays I always worry about thieves. The thorny branches are not something i ever thought of. One thing that helps me is I have a big sliding-glass window, and a very fit looking Lab/Pit Bull mix who likes to sit in front of it and keep watch for us to come home. He's a big wuss-- when someone broke our window in the middle of the night he didn't even bark and hid under the bed. But no one else has to know that ;-) Great hub.


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