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Advice From A Thief: Wireless Home Intruder Alarm Systems For Sale: Best Burglar House Alarm System

Updated on December 17, 2013

Wireless intruder alarm systems are designed to aid in keeping thieves out of the home. But, used alone, they are simply not good enough to keep out opportunistic burglars.

John, a former burglar, spends his time interacting with security companies in helping them secure other peoples homes.

Home security is essential in combating the crime-wave which sees a home burgled every 30 seconds.

Not content on just stealing valuable possessions, many intruders now attack the sleeping inhabitants and subject them to beatings, indecent behaviour, and even murder.

Do Not Rely Soley On A Burglar Alarm

John says that a home security system is very good, but not if it is on its own. Burglar alarms are activated once an intruder is already INSIDE the property.

The best place for a thief is outside of the home.

Once a typical home alarm has been activated, it usually means that the thief has already gained access and the damage to the property has been done.

First Line Of Defence


The first line of defence against thieves, robbers, and other criminal elements is the perimeter of the land where your home is situated on.

Simple, cheap and very effective motion sensor lights, driveway alarms and even false or fake cameras work very well in this area.

If these are situated in pre-thought out places, then the home owner would of already deterred over 60% of opportunistic burglars.

No thief wants to be seen or caught on camera. Driveway alarms can emit a high pitched tone and turn on security lights, enough to frighten off intruders.

This type of home security may seem a bit drastic. But what is worse, spending a small amount on home security or waking up to a man in a ski-mask leaning over your bed ?

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Second Line Of Defence


Windows and Doors are the easiest way to gain entry into most buildings and are favoured by 99.9% of thieves.

Simple methods to help deter intruders are motion sensor lights placed high up above windows.

Other more normal window security measures are simple window locks. But these are only good if used in the correct way and with the correct quantity.

Many people do not understand and think that one window lock is ample, they are very wrong. Ask the millions of people whom have locks fitted to their windows and still got burgled within 10 seconds.

Free Link To: Ask A Thief: Window Locks & Fitting.

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Internal Security


Wireless home security intruder alarms are NOT the last line of defence. But are essential in the war against crime at home.

Wireless alarm systems are easy to install without the need for drilling lots of holes and laying cable over the home. They all work via infra-red remotes and every sensor is connected to one main control unit.

Many of these systems also come with an internal fire or smoke alarm fitted.

The above home wireless burglar system activates if the phone line is cut. On activation, it will automatically call up to 6 telephone numbers that you have programmed into it. It would be wise if it contacted a friend in case of drastic emergencies.

There is also an option for a monitoring service from an outside security company.

Fortress System


John the thief indicates that opting for either a cheap home alarm system or the cheapest system is usually a false economy.

If the system comes with little stickers to indicate that the home is being protected by an intruder alarm, they should be used in a highly visible position.

The Fortress intruder alarm system comes with 5 door contact points and 2 passive motion sensors. The alarm came be stopped by punching in a code or using one of the fobs provided.

It is imperative that any person wishing to install a home alarm system should think into the future. If there should come a time that additional sensors are required, could they be added to the system already installed. Some systems do not allow this.

Please click on the smaller images for full selection available.

Some of the best burglar or intruder alarm systems can cost thousands of dollars each. Be prepared to pay that little bit extra for the alarm system that suits your own personal requirements.

DO NOT just opt for one because it was the cheapest that could be found. That can cost you much more in the long run, how much value can you put on a member of your families life?

If you think that adding personal attack alarms to the system would be suitable, then opt for that. Some allow mobile personal attack alarms whereas others offer stationary attack alarms at strategic points around the home.

These ideas are not to be dismissed. If the intruder is a confidence trickster and gains entry to the home by someone letting them in, then the personal attack alarms could also be programmed to be silent. This would inform the local police or security firm that there is a problem.

Natural Defenses

Natural defenses outside of the home are by far one of the cheapest and best deterrents ever devised.

Spines, needles and thorns rip clothes and flesh and can leave DNA from thieves on the sharp spikes.

Many commercial premises use these outside lower windows cleverly disguised as garden plants, which they are.

NB: All intruder alarm systems will indicate that they can DETER possible intruders, and not stop them. Most thieves will opt for an easy target.

If a house looks like it may have several types of security guarding it, most thieves will leave it alone.

Rose bushes or fruit bearing bushes such as blackberry bushes are an excellent yet stunning security method for the home.

Things Intruders Avoid

Gravel: Stepping on gravel for driveways makes to much noise in the dead of night.

Snow: Leaves tracebale footprints.

Light: They do not wish to be seen

Dogs: To noisy and can be dangerous.

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    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      Security is a big issue and need of the modern society. As there are advancements in technology so are the advancements in thefts. These high tech security system ensures that your valuables are safe.