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Aerogarden Gardening System Success

Updated on May 13, 2009

Aerogarden System For Me The Start

While many people have used and had great success with the Aerogarden I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical on if the Aerogarden would manage to save me any money, provide like the commercial says, or even work for me. I can happily say that I was proven wrong by the Aerogarden and that I was proven wrong quite quickly to the point that I even managed to get my husband to purchase a couple of newer ones to grow even more during the winter months. Now that isn't what this part of the article is about. This portion is about my start with the Aerogarden.

Well my start with the Aerogarden came after watching the television commercials that I am sure we have all seen and deciding that it cannot possibly grow herbs to be harvested in that short amount of time. I know I even talked it over with my husband and he didn't even think that it would be possible because they take so long to grow in the dirt. So we agreed that it was probably just something else to get people to spend money on and didn't think much about it until we started seeing the produce cost increase each winter when our supply of fresh herbs was low, but the demand was still high. It was at that point that we decided that we would have to give the Aerogarden a try on our own to see if it would work like magic as the commercials have shown. Still a skeptic though we did many hours of research on the internet and finally found that a local store was going to be having them on sale and decided we would take the leap and try the product. That is my story on how I ended up coming to get the Aerogarden that I have had for a little over three years now.

My First Aerogarden

Well, you know how I managed to come about getting an Aerogarden, but little did I know that I would be able to enjoy my Aerogarden after purchasing it. Now I know some people might claim that it can be difficult to set up which if it is your first time ever using an Aerogarden it can be somewhat challenging for people who have never put one together. However, the directions are very easy to follow and lay it out in simple language that even I can follow! Let's just say my husband was shocked when I was able to put it together on my own.

So they are very easy to put together and even when you are planting your first pods it is very easy to plant. I know that at first it doesn't seem like it will be doing much of anything I know I was doubful at first, but found that within a couple of days I was already getting basil and parsley peaking out of the little seed pods. Then to my amazement I was able to harvest my first pickings within a couple of weeks. What really blew me away though and helped me save money was that I managed to keep my harvest going on this same herb seeds for six months! So I did not have to worry about purchasing herbs from the store for that entire time.

Then what made it even better is that since I was not having to compost the herbs that would go bad in my refrigerator. So now I was able to have fresh herbs at my fingertips and not have to worry about them going bad because it was straight from the plant and not from my refrigerator. So that is a definite positive on the pocketbook that helped offset the original cost of the Aerogarden and now I am enjoying the savings each month because I only have to purchase new seeds and lights. While you might think that since the Aerogarden is running all the time your electric bill will go sky high, but mine didn't even go up by a terrible amount.


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