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Affordable Ceramic Kitchen Knives from Kyocera

Updated on December 20, 2008

Looking for a new set of kitchen knives that won't cost a small fortune? Consider trying the Revolution Series from Kyocera Advanced Ceramics line of kitchen knives. This affordable line of ceramic blade cutlery offers many advantages, making it a favorite of home cooks everywhere.

Why Use a Ceramic Blade Knife?

Sharpness - There are many benefits of ceramic knives, not the least of which is how long they can be expected to remain sharp. The strength and density of ceramic allows the blades to be ground by diamond wheels, creating a solid edge that stays razor sharp up to ten times longer than steel edges.

Purity -- Ceramic cutlery is considered to be pure and healthful alternative to steel blades. Ceramic knife blades don't rust and won't become altered with usage. There are no worries that ceramic blades will lead to changes in how food tastes or smells, because the substance won't absorb or carry acids, juices, oils, salts or other substances from foods.

Lightweight – Ceramic knives typically weigh 50 percent less than their steel counterparts. Because the blade isn't heavy, there is not need to add additional weight to the handle, resulting in lightweight cutlery that is comfortable to use.

Low Maintenance – Ceramic knives hold their blade edges for much longer than other knives, meaning that sharpening is not something that must be done often. Kyocera Advanced Ceramics offers complimentary factory sharpening to customers. Customers can return their knives to the company's Irvine, CA factory for professional sharpening on a diamond wheel at no cost (other than shipping and handling, which is $10 for up to two knives).

Features of Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Knives

If the benefits of ceramic cutlery sound appealing to you, it may be time to add a few new knives – or an entire set – to your kitchen. Kyocera's Revolution series is a terrific choice for cooking enthusiasts. They are available in five colors, making it easy to find knives that complement the décor of any kitchen. Their appeal isn't just aesthetic, however.

Additional features include:

  • Ergonomic handles (comfortable to use)
  • Easy care (just hand wash and allow to dry) 
  • Versatile (works just as well on fruits and vegetables as on meat)
  • Flexible (use on a plastic cutting board)
  • The Ceramic Advantage (including strength, lasting sharpness, purity, etc.)
  • Affordable (much less expensive than quality steel knives)

Are You Ready to Give Ceramic Cultery a Try?

If the benefits of Kyocera's Revolution cutlery series sound good to you, it might be time to try out these quality ceramic knives in your own kitchen. You're likely to find that cooking is even more enjoyable with your new, super sharp and easy-to-care-for ceramic blades.


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