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Affordable Memory Foam Mattress

Updated on September 26, 2011

Memory Foam Mattress, Ease Your Back Pain

Ever wake up in the morning with a stiff back? Maybe it's your mattress. I had shopped for a better mattress for almost a year. Looked at the Tempur-Pedic and all the other high-dollar memory foam mattress. To me, the memory foam mattresses like the Tempur-Pedic, the Serta and others are the ulitmate in sleep comfort.

Until the price tag! $2000 for a mattress. Kinda hard to pull the trigger on that purchase.
But, oh my aching back. So I shopped on. Until I realized the answer was right in my back pocket. My Costco card was the trick. $499 later and I am sleeping in absolute comfort and feeling great.

The NovaForm memory foam mattress has proven to me to be the greatest value in mattresses. It's 12 inches thick so all our fitted sheets fit. The base layer is 9 1/2 inches of a firm foam support with the top 2 1/2 inches of a temperature-neutral memory foam. The overall quality of the mattress and cover seem quite high, it doesn't look or feel cheaply made. It comes with a twenty year warranty, however mattress warranties tend to be rather specious at best. But if I get seven or eight years, I'll be happy.

It comes in a deceptively small package. Getting it up a flight or three of stairs would be no problem at all, however getting it back down might be a trick. The box is about three and a half feet tall, a foot and a half or so thick and maybe two and a half feet wide. That's for a Queen size mattress that measures 60"x80"! The box has some little plastic wheels and a fold up handle, sorta like a big piece of luggage, so it's very easy to move around.

The trick is that it's vacuum packed. So what you do to set it up is just lay box and all on your box springs or platform and pull the box off the mattress. Then just cut the plastic wrap and let it unfold and it'll fluff up on its own. Kinda like a life raft. Very cool to watch. It takes a few days to fully fill all the little cells so the first night will be a bit softer than the third. But once that third night hits, oh is this bed so comfortable.

I have read that memory foam mattresses tend to sleep warm, they hold body heat. Some memory foam mattresses are reputed to sleep cooler than others. This NovaForm memory foam mattresss seems to be just about perfect. Both my Wife and I agree that we have never had a better night's sleep than what we are getting on this mattress. It wraps around your body perfectly. You can feel each inch of contact between your body and the mattress and the support you're receiving. Not like on a regular mattress where only parts of your body contact the mattress, on memory foam, all of your body is supported equally.

Memory Foam Mattresses for Less

I bought this mattress at Costco for $499 plus tax.  If you don't have a Costco nearby, you can also order this mattress from Amazon and some other online retailers.  The way it's packaged cuts the shipping cost way down so it's still an affordable memory foam mattress.

All in all, if you are shopping for a memory foam mattress, and have been turned off by the high prices on the Tempur-Pedic and others, check out the NovaForm.  And have a good night's sleep.


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