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Agentii Imobiliare Bucuresti

Updated on May 6, 2009

Imobiliare Bucuresti

Site-property-agents is dedicated to both individuals and real estate agencies in Bucharest, our services are free.

If you intend to buy, to sell or rent a property in Bucharest, we will be ready to help you. The site that is interactive, allowing anyone to publish an unlimited number of ads.

I tried to cover an area more than on solving your real estate needs. In case you want to offer, to sell or rent a property you can publish that notice or notices under Publish an Ad. You can increase the chance to complete the transaction faster browsing ads under the heading Applications published potential property buyers / tenants.

In case you are a potential buyer / tenant you can view the notices with offers for sale or rental on real estate offers box. Also to be better informed as you can create an alert by e-mail, in case that when someone enters an offer which meet the requirements set in the form of alert you will be notified automatically on your e-mail.

We never forgot nor those who wish to make an exchange of real estate property by creating a section dedicated to them. You can publish notice under Exchanges real estate or you can browse property or announcements already published by other suppliers under Anunturi Imobiliare exchanges in Bucharest.

For those who want to rent and have a lower budget we created the chum. Whether you are in that situation, looking for a roommate or colleague or you are in search of a colleague who offer a room for rent, quickly find your chum.

For those of you who do not know the value of their real estate property or wish to make an idea on prices for required properties are offered for sale or rent in Bucharest, we created a very useful tool and you can use the heading real estate statistics. Statistics is made taking into account only the announcements published on real

Last but not least we have a section dedicated to real estate related services. In case you need the services of various branches of activity related to the property you can see announcements published under Related Services. In case enabled in a field related imobiliarelor and you want to advertise your company posting a free ad under the Public Service Announcement Conex property.

We understand the importance of your real estate needs. We know that decisions taken in this regard may have an impact in my life, family, or your business, we do our ulmost to help you find the best solution for you.


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    • profile image

      Sorin Ciolovic 6 years ago

      Buna ziua,

      Avem de vanzare un teren de 106 mp, drept litigios, care face parte dintr-un lot compact de 750 mp, cu deschiderea de 13 m la Calea Plevnei, nr. 132A,sector 6, Bucuresti.

      Terenul se invecineaza cu Spitalul Militar Central, are toate utilitatile pe teren, este plasat intr-o zona centrala si selecta, am obtinut un Certificat de urbanism pentru regimul de inaltime de : D+P+14 etaje si poate avea o destinatie multipla : rezidential, comercial, servicii, mixta,etc

      Lotul de 750 mp are toate actele in regula.

      Terenul de 106 mp are pretul de vanzare de : 150 EURO/mp , negociabil.

      Va prezentam acte originale si alte detalii tehnice,comerciale si juridice.

      Actele originale de proprietate se afla la Cabinetul de avocatura Vlad Usatai, din Bucuresti,Str.Petru Poni, nr.18, sector 1, zona Gara de Nord, Bd. Ghe.Duca.

      Va rugam sa contactati Cabinetul de avocatura la urmatoarele numere de telefon : 0722.304.232 ; 0726.243.152 ; 0726.243.349 sau la adresa de mail :

      Va rugam sa ne contactati la nr. de telefon : 0736.478.448 sau pe adresa de mail :

      Cu stima,

      Proprietar Sorin Ciolovic.