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Air Conditioner: Disadvantages and Advantages

Updated on July 1, 2016


To start, I do testify to the favorable side of air conditioners, as they are helpful to those people who suffer from asthma and allergic reactions, as pollen and dust are filtered through the system. The air conditioners likewise dry out the humidity and usually clean out the air, allowing breathe cleaner air and not be suffered by heat stroke.


  • In addition to the unfavorable impacts on the atmosphere, a/c can likewise end up being a health hazard specifically to those who are dependent on it. With the constant usage of an a/c system, the air filters lose a little bit of their stability and permit passage of hazardous substances from outdoors into your office or home. These can set off allergic reactions and sometimes even trigger eye, nose and throat inflammation.
  • In warm weather condition, we are typically inclined to invest more time outdoors. More time we spend outside, the more your body changes to the heat, and the more you can remain active.
  • Positive ions, which are discovered in abundance in many indoor environments, trigger an excess of serotonin secretion in the brain. Negative ion treatment has shown to be effective in lowering the excess of serotonin and for that reason ions are effective in reducing anxiety in some cases.
  • Ions connect to contamination particles and might help in sweeping the pollution particles out of the air by communicating with electrical fields that exist naturally in the air. It is likewise said that the presence of high ion concentrations in air promotes plant development, hinders bacterial development and typically makes individuals feel much better.
  • Plasma Ionizer, the technology in the modern air conditioner, launches positive and negative ions. Therefore it sanitizes and decreases bad smells in the space. It collects home dust, pollen and other little particles that are accountable for allergic reactions. At the very same time, it produces negative ions, in order to create a safe, healthy and soothing environment.
  • When Freon gas remains in really high level, they can trigger lightheadedness, asphyxia, and loss of control and attention. They might trigger inflammation, especially when it come to the delicate skin (skin rashes, dermatitis, and so on), however, fortunately, is that Freon has no long-lasting impacts on health. Freon is not a mutagen, teratogen, or carcinogen, and it does not affect the liver.
  • Freon's direct exposure in little amounts may take place in the case of leakages from the fridge, or the air conditioner does not do much harm. Nevertheless, if you have understood heart issues, you require being extremely cautious with Freon since it can trigger an irregular heartbeat.
  • These air-conditioning coolants leakage into the environment are amongst the most potent greenhouse gasses.
  • Institute of Medicine (IOM) discovered proof to connect direct indoor exposure to mold with upper breathing system symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy individuals; with asthma symptoms in people with asthma; and with allergy pneumonitis in people prone to that immune-mediated disorder. The IOM likewise discovered suggestive proof connecting indoor mold direct exposure and breathing disease in otherwise healthy kids in the environment of air conditioner without maintenance.
  • Without appropriate and constant care, Air conditioners have the prospective to harm skin. Those who have a bad diet plan, underlying disease or skin that is not properly maintained, will not be able to change going from a boiling environment to an air-conditioned place, and their skin might suffer from structural damage, which can not be alleviated with over the counter drugs.

Be Judicious Before Buying An Air Conditioner

While purchasing an A/C, the very first and most essential thing to understand is the ideal size or tonnage of A/C to buy (which depends on the size of the space, etc.). I would recommend that you utilize the calculator and Frequently asked questions and the list of leading air- condition manufacturing companies.


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