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Air Powered Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen Counter Appliances Use Compressed Air

Updated on March 2, 2013
Amish manufactured Wind Air Compressor
Amish manufactured Wind Air Compressor
Bosh Universal Mixer Air Power Conversion
Bosh Universal Mixer Air Power Conversion
Amish made Air Power Mixer Blender Combination
Amish made Air Power Mixer Blender Combination
Air Power Blender
Air Power Blender
Sunbeam Air Power Conversion Mixer
Sunbeam Air Power Conversion Mixer
Champion Air Powered Juicer
Champion Air Powered Juicer
Nutrimill Air Powered Conversion
Nutrimill Air Powered Conversion
Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Air Powered Conversion
Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Air Powered Conversion

Air hose outlets in the kitchen? It May be a non-electric alternative for those looking to live off the grid.

Air motors have been used for years to power mechanic and workshop tools. They offer a light weight long life motor that uses no electricity.

There are no brushes to wear out and they are safer to use as they will never prevent a shock hazard.

But if making the transition from the garage to the kitchen sounds a bit far-fetched you might be surprised to learn it has been common in the Amish self sustaining communities for many years.

They have even been using a wind powered air compressor now for over 30 years.

Since the Amish don’t believe in using electricity they rely on alternative methods to do the most common things around the home that most of us take for granted.

Add to the equation most Amish families have several kids or several generations living under the same roof, the chore of living without electricity becomes even more in daunting.

The Amish have become experts in conversion of all types of electric powered equipment over to air power.

From sewing machines to kitchen appliances they use air power in the home while the Amish men use air tools in the workshops.

The energy to power an air compressor comes mostly from gasoline and diesel power engines, that can be ran for just a few hours a day and store compressed air in large outside pressure tanks.

Many of the Amish use air power to pump well water, and run other equipment on the farm, so it’s not uncommon to see large air tanks the size of a large LP tank.

Air motors only have about a third of the torque of an electric motor plus most know the noise and racket that occurs when the garage mechanic uses and air impact wrench to remove tire lugs.

The challenge of adapting air motors into a counter top appliance to provide the same power quietly is engineering excellence beyond imagination.

In Amish homes air motors are used to power sewing machines, washing machines, as well as mixers, blenders, juicers, and more.

Air power appliances may not become common place anytime soon. However consider this; compared to solar and battery powered DC motors, air motors are much stronger and more durable for the long term.

Air power also provides a bigger bang on less energy than what can be stored in a battery bank from a wind or solar power source.

With several new developments in wind turbines to fill tanks with compressed air, the tables may someday change where air power may be a strong contender for alternative energy sources.

Compressed air from a wind turbine will also be easier to store and will not require costly short lived expensive batteries to store the energy.

Air power is more sustainable and earth friendly and may be the longer term alternative power solution.

Unless old batteries can be completely recycled, batteries will become the next toxic waste disposal dilemma to deal with as more and more cars and battery powered equipment is developed.

Air motor conversions are expensive, mainly because air motors are not mass produced as DC motors. This cost should come down as more air motors are produced.

A heavy duty air powered blender can be a hit at a large outdoor party to mix drinks and crush ice for margaritas.

An air powered Bosh Universal mixer will do all the large batch food preparation including making the bread dough for fresh baked breads.

Air powered appliances may find new homes aboard boats, oil drilling platforms, and ships where compressed air is already being stored and used for other uses.

The Wind Air Compressor and Air powered appliances are available from Cottage Craft Works .com a site that specializes in back to basic Amish goods and products.


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    • lizstevens profile image

      lizstevens 4 years ago from Houston Texas

      The Amish already use large air compressors and storage tanks for their shops and even pumping water. For them the change is a matter of running an air line into the kitchen. Starting from scratch could get pretty expensive unless you will use air power for other uses such as a shop, and running air powered fans.

    • profile image

      George 4 years ago

      I had no idea that so many things could be run by wind power. My friend sells kitchen and home appliances in Calgary and I've been meaning to ask him if they sell anything air-powered. I'll have to check their website: to see if they have any. How difficult is it to make the switch to air power?