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Air Purifier and Humidifier in One Review - Which Are the Best?

Updated on July 13, 2011

Why Buy an Air Purifier and Humidifier in One?

Why buy an air purifier and humidifier in one? Well, it saves money by buying a product that does the job of two household items in one- an air purifier and humidifier. There are health benefits to buying an air purifier. Air purifiers clean the air and remove harmful pollen, dust, and pet dander. An air purifier is an excellent idea for anyone that suffers from sinus or allergy problems. Air purifiers also get rid of unpleasant odors from smoking, pets, and cooking odors like onions and fish.

The humidifier feature of air purifier and humidifier units adds moisture back to the air. This is really helpful in the winter when dry, electric heat can cause breathing difficulties, dry skin and flyaway hair. Plus the heat can be turned down when a humidifier is used regularly. The added moisture helps the room seem warmer, just like hot days in the summer seem warmer when it's humid outside.

Read below for information on the highest rated and best-selling air purifier and humidifier in one units.

Harmony Home Air Purifier and Humidifier in One Review

Buy this air purifier and humidifier in one from Harmony House and get the added bonus of an automatic air freshener. It has sold millions around the world, so it's bound to be a good air purifier and humidifier.

One of the nice things about the Harmony House air purifier and humidifier is the appearance. Unlike most other ugly air purifiers and humidifiers, the Harmony House air purifier is attractive with a pretty seashell design. And it's small enough to fit on a small table or nightstand.

This air purifier and humidifier is quiet when it is running. It's very effective at removing odors from the air, especially cigarette smoke.

Another convenient feature of this Harmony House air purifier/humidifier model is that it doesn't need distilled water to operate. Simply use cold tap water from the faucet! And unlike some air purifier and humidifiers, this product doesn't leak or damage furniture with water marks.

This air purifier doesn't have a hepa filter, but it still seems to do a good job of reducing allergy symptoms. The air purifier and humidifier can handle a room about the size of an average bedroom.

The air freshener feature of this air purifier and humidifier works by adding included essential oil based scents into the reservoir. The scent will start to disperse throughout the room in just a few seconds. Scents are available in one month supply sizes. This includes a tea tree essential oil based scent called Winter Ice. Also a lavender essential oil scent, Summer Breeze, and a rose scent for spring, labeled Spring Mist. A clary sage scent is available called Autumn Leaves.

Some possible cons for this air purifier and humidifier:

Because of the essential oils, keep this air purifier and air freshener out of the reach of children and pets.

This is a bit difficult to clean. It doesn't come apart easily for cleaning.

The scents that you buy are somewhat expensive.

There was a complaint that the scent from the air freshener feature doesn't last long. But just like candles and air fresheners, I believe that the user just got accustomed to the scent in the room.

Some complained that it is noisy. My opinion is that compared to other air purifier and humidifier units, this is a quiet model.

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Homedics BRT-150 Air Purifier Review

Homedics claims that this air purifier and humidifier in one neutralizes almost 100% of odors caused by bacteria, as well as odors caused by pets and smoke. The unit works with water to clean the air. It seems to work well at getting rid of (or covering up?) cigarette smoke and pet odors, especially litter box smells.

I'm not sure if this is actually an air purifier. It claims to get rid of bacteria that cause odors and to remove odors. But it doesn't specifically say that it will remove pet dander, pollen, etc, from the air. But there are users that claim that the unit helped with snoring, sinus, and allergy problems.

This air purifier also helps freshen the air with scents available in these choices- citrus, lime, lavender and vanilla. No filters are required, which make for easier cleaning and save money by not buying replacement filters.

For the purpose of adding scents to the air, this air freshener is effective for about 1000 square feet with the recommended scents. The included scents are very strong. Most people agree that using about 1/2 the recommended amount is sufficient to freshen an area.

More features of this air purifier and humidifier- The Brethe Air Revitalizer also helps add humidity to the room. This air purifier has a blue light for relaxation and ambience.

As far as noise, the Homedics BRT-150 air purifier is a bit louder than a computer running.

Because of its noise and blue light, it is probably not a good choice for a light sleeper who wants an air purifier in the bedroom.

The included scents are too strong for most people and a lot of people don't like the scents themselves. And they are expensive, without a wide selection of choices for scent.

If a person doesn't like the main blue light, it can't be turned off.

Air-O-Swiss 1355 Air Washer and Humidifier Review

Forget expensive wicks and filters that have to be replaced and cleaned constantly, not to mention that they often become saturated with mold and bacteria. This humidifier model has an anti-bacterial system to protect against contamination.

This Air-O-Swiss air washer and humidifier doesn't need wicks or expensive filters. It works to clean the air and humidify using blades that pull the air in efficiently. It is self-regulating to provide the most comfortable humidity levels in your home.

This air purifier works well for alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms.

Extra pros about this air purifier and humidifier:
The Air-O-Swiss 1355 Air Washer is easy to clean. It's simple to take apart, the discs are easily removable, and are dishwasher safe.

There are two different settings. And this humidifier is really quiet compared to others.

Possible Air-O-Swiss 1355 Cons:

It's not much to look at, and won't look nice in your living room or on a nightstand.

It costs more than the other air purifier and humidifier products.

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