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Air Purifiers That Remove Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke, Pet Smells, and other Odors

Updated on August 27, 2012

Can Air Purifiers remove Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke odors?

Tobacco and Cigarette smoke are some of the most difficult odors and substances to remove. But it is not impossible and in recent years, with the right air purifiers, has become very easy. But there is a lot of confusion around air purifiers and their ability to remove toxic odors like cigarette smoke because people often have unrealistic expectations; meaning they spend cheap and complain when they don't get what they wanted. In air purification, you truly get what you pay for.

There are two basic types of odor and gas filtration that are effective against tobacco and cigarette smoke, and pet odors; carbon filtration and ozone.

What Carbon Filtration Can Do to get rid of Cigarette and Tobacco Smoke

Carbon filtration adsorbs odors and gases and is effective in proportion to its surface area. The more surface area it has, the more it is able to remove. Because carbon is a filtration technology, it can only remove the odors in the air when they come into contact with the carbon. It cannot remove odors from carpets and walls and ceilings and other surfaces because it does not come into contact with those surfaces. This is why, although somewhat effective against odors, people who rely on carbon filtration will be generally disappointed.

What Ozone Can Do To Get Rid of Cigarette and Tobacco Smoke

Ozone (o3) is a powerful oxidizing agent and is the superior technology of choice for dealing with heavy odors like cigarette and tobacco smoke. It oxidizes the compounds in the air and breaks them down. It spreads throughout the air to do this and does not need the air to come to it. This is why it is also effective against odors on surfaces. It can oxidize the odors in the carpet and on the walls and other surfaces. Because of its powerful oxidizing capabilities, it is able to get rid of all tobacco smoke smells and other odors.

Carbon or Ozone?

Yes, air purifiers can be extremely effective against toxic odors. They can get rid of smoke odors and smells, which are some of the most difficult to remove. Instead of buying cheap carbon filter systems, invest in a system that incorporates ozone because ozone is your most effective ally against smoke and pet smells.


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    • Matt Ringer profile image

      Matt Ringer 5 years ago

      Smoking odors, are the hardest odors to eliminate, why do they hang, around when the sources of the odors are no longer there? The offensive smells you associate with odor is almost always gases released from their sources. These invisible gases attach onto floating air molecules, which drift with the air currents in the room. Over time some dissipate and others most notably smoking and urine odors, penetrate walls, carpet and drapes. Sometimes we become so accustomed to the smell we don’t even notice, but our guest can and that can be embarrassing. There is a natural and permanent way to improve indoor air quality and remove smoke odors. Air-Renu, a paint additive that only has to be applied once and works 7/24/365 year after year, keeping the air in your healthy

      and odor free.