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Portable Air Conditioners - Where to Find Small, Portable and Mobile Air Conditioners

Updated on September 16, 2011

Benefits of a Portable Air Conditioner

There are so many incredible benefits to owning a portable air conditioner it is no wonder they are becoming so popular.

Portable air conditioners are perfect for homes or apartments that cannot install window units or have central air. Not to mention they are much less expensive than window air conditioning units or a central air conditioning system.

They are not only less expensive at time of purchase but also when in use. They are perfect for offices that don't have air conditioning and these portable air conditioners are the greatest item to take along on a summer vacation when renting a beach house, camper or trailer that does not have ac as well.

Even people who do have central air or window units buy these portable units. Why spend a ton of money air conditioning an entire house if you find you are spending most of your time in one room? Do you need it in the bedroom at night? No problem! Just pick up your unit and bring it in there with you.

While many of these portable air systems cost less than $300, they could be considered priceless when facing a hot, humid and airless night.

Listed below is a great selection of portable air conditioners for you to choose from based on your own personal needs and budget.

Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

This Whynter portable air conditioner is a 14,000 BTU unit.

One of the great things about this unit is that it has 3 different operational modes: Air Conditioner, Fan or Dehumidifier.

It has a 24 hour programmable timer so you can set it to start before you arrive home from work or before you go to bed at night and it has full thermostatic control (61°F - 89°F) with digital readout.

This portable air unit also features a dual hose operation that provides fast cooling for up to a 500 sq. ft. space.

Includes a remote control, an upgraded plastic window kit (36" max.), a carbon air filter, a washable pre-filter and casters for easy mobility.

Whynter Eco-Friendly 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - Platinum

This is a 12,000 Whynter portable air conditioner. Like the unit above it is also eco-friendly and features the 3 operational modes of Air Conditioner, Fan or Dehumidifier.

Full thermostatic control (61°F - 89°F) with digital readout and the 24 hour programmable timer.

Remote control, upgraded plastic window kit (36" max.), carbon air filter, washable pre-filter and casters for easy mobility are also included in this model.

This is the perfect efficient model to easily cool a 400 square foot room and it comes with a sleek platinum exterior.

Haier Portable Air Conditioner, 8000 BTU

Haier is another popular manufacturer of portable air conditioners. This 8000 BTU unit is perfect for cooling rooms up to 200 square feet.

It uses eco-friendly R410A refrigerant with zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

It also has 3 different fan speeds, an LED push-button display, includes a remote and easy-to-move directional casters.

It measures 24.4" x 17.9" x 13.1" and weighs 56.1 pounds making it the perfect model to take away with you during summertime.

Also includes a complete window kit which can fit double-hung, sliding, and casement windows if that is your preference.

KuulAire Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit - Black

This lightweight portable air conditioning unit by Kuulaire is the ultimate light-weight air conditioner at a mere 25 lbs. This is another great unit that can be taken on summer vacations or camping trips with ease.

This has the ability to cool up to 200 square feet with 375 CFM.

It has a remote control and 3-Speed operation and includes swing louvers, timer, and easy-to-move casters.

This is an extremely energy efficient model and you can't beat the low price.

Other Portable Air Conditioners

Here are some more portable air conditioners to choose from.

They vary in price, size, BTUs and cooling areas capacity so you are sure to find one that will fit your exact needs.

There is even a small fan and mini portable air conditioner that is perfect for desks or office cubicles.


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