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Air powered ceiling fans run completely off compressed air

Updated on June 24, 2015
72" Metal Ceiling Fan Powered By Compressed Air.
72" Metal Ceiling Fan Powered By Compressed Air.
52" Compressed Air Powered Ceiling Fan
52" Compressed Air Powered Ceiling Fan
42" Compressed Air Powered Ceiling Fan
42" Compressed Air Powered Ceiling Fan

Economical air motor ceiling fans provide long range cooling options over traditional electric operated fans.

Compressed air can be moved in inexpensive PVC tubing instead of using more expensive traditional copper wiring.

This can become significant when trying to cool long warehouses and poultry houses.

The large 72” air powered ceiling fan is ideal for large areas in auto repair shops, warehouses, and factories.

The fan utilizes compressed air to drive an economical piston air motor.

Air powered motors also provide long lasting maintenance free service.

Fans are built heavy duty to be used in Amish non-electric shops and barns.

Amish manufactured products are generally a good investment as they are built heavy duty to last for years.

The Amish just don't build things to wear out so the consumer will need to purchase a replacement.

Most shops already have air compressors to power other tools and equipment, so these fans make sense to provide cooling of those same work areas.

52” and 43” air powered ceiling fans are decorated in wood grain paddles and utilizes a quiet air motor.

These fans are an economical choice in showrooms and offices adjacent to areas already using compressed air.

The Amish have used air power equipment for years as an alternative to electric driven motors. It provides more usable service than short lived DC motors.

Air compressors driven by the energy free wind stores compressed air in holding tanks. Back up gas and diesel motor compressors are used for calm periods.

These fans are not easy to find even on the Internet, but they are available at the sustainable living online store at Cottage Craft Works .com

The Wind Air Compressor is also available at Cottage Craft Works, as well as a host of air powered tools, kitchen and home appliances.


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