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Airplane Wall Stickers Are Great For Kids Rooms

Updated on June 25, 2011

Airplane Wall Stickers

Airplane wall stickers provide a great method of quickly and easily decorating a room, without the need for umpteen tins of paint and hours of drying time.

Airplanes evokes feelings of freedom and travel and are a great theme for a room. Whether you're looking for airplane nursery décor or want to decorate the workshop of an aviation enthusiast airplane decals are a great way of creating the look you want.

Choose from brightly coloured bi-planes which can dance around the walls performing aerobatic manoeuvres, or jet fighters speeding towards their destination, or for the ultimate statement piece how about a 6ft 6" jumbo jet flying across the wall.

Vintage Airplane Wall Stickers- Decals- Wall Décor by Presto Wall Decals
Vintage Airplane Wall Stickers- Decals- Wall Décor by Presto Wall Decals

Airplane Wall Decals

Decals are easy to apply, with many (though not all) being removable and easy to reposition in different areas of a room ~ always check before you buy to ensure you are buying the sort you need i.e. removable or not.

So whether you're looking for brightly coloured planes for a nursery, or want to re-create a bygone age with a WW2 bomber airplane wall stickers are a great decorative idea.

Single Airplane Decals

If you're looking for something to create a real focal point, or to put on a signature wall in a room then using a single piece can be the most effective solution.

Choose from jets, helicopters and WW2 bombers to create the right look for your room.

Kids Airplanes Wall Stickers Sets

Buying a set of complimenting stickers means you can arrange them in your own design on the walls.

Arrange them in formation or performing aerobatic tricks ~ it's like having your own 'magnificnet men in their flying machines' creating a show just for you.

How To Apply Wall Decals


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    • marimccants profile image

      marimccants 5 years ago

      Kids love airplane stickers especially the boys.

    • profile image

      Naoto 2 years ago

      Just received my two coeips of Starry River of the Sky in the mail lovingly signed by Grace to myself and some young friends of mine who absolutely loved Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Can't wait to deliver it to them today! Thanks for the poster and sticker as well. Looking forward to reading the book as I'm in a reading rut right now. This is the just the book to get me out of that rut. Thanks so much! Jennifer

    • profile image

      Trevor 2 years ago

      David Laplante-Dieumegarde on 04/20/2012 at 12:30Hey Alvin! Nice work! It really looks great! I have to say, I've built my first Gundam a liltte bit more than a month ago, so I'm quite a beginner too. But, I've found some tools to be quite useful. First, you should ABSOLUTELY get yourself a hobby knife. I use it all the time. It is very useful to remove the excess plastic when you cut a piece from the gates. Also, if you want to start putting on some decals, you should get yourself a pair of straight or curved tweezers. They are not extremely necessary, but they can help a lot placing small decals. Also, you can stock up on toothpicks and cotton swabs, because well they are just cheap and very useful for all sort of things Next, you can get yourself a small black and grey Gundam marker, for panel lining. Why both? Well, I usually use the grey one for white parts and the black one for darker ones. You can use the black one everywhere if you want to, but sometimes it just doesn't look as good as grey when applied on white. Also, this is where the cotton swabs will become useful, because you can use them to erase the mistakes you did when panel lining. Lastly, this is totally optional, but you might want to get a cutting mat so you don't destroy the table you are using, ha ha XDThat's basically it! I don't think you should start painting right away, but! If you feel comfortable enough and are ready to get to the next step, do it! Just be careful not to destroy your kit XD Anyway, have fun!

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