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Choosing an Alarm Clock with Projection

Updated on September 27, 2011

About Alarm Clocks with Projection

A projecting alarm clock is simply an alarm clock that will project the time, and perhaps other information, onto a wall or ceiling. They can be useful for a number of reasons.

They can save you from having to turn over to see the time, allowing you to stay still and perhaps return to sleep. They can also reduce interruptions to your sleeping spouse or significant other since you won't be forced to peer over their shoulder to check the time. More importantly however, these clocks can help those with blurry vision more easily read the time. They can also give you more flexibility in where you locate your clock. Since the time is projected, you don't necessarily have to have the alarm right beside the bed to view it.

On this page, we will provide some tips on choosing the best alarm clock with projection and show you some of the models that are most popular with customers.

Buying Tips

An alarm clock with projection is perfect for those who are nearsighted as well as for those who want to be able to view the time without turning over or potentially disrupting a sleeping spouse. Before selecting one of these clocks there are a few features to consider to guide you in making your choice.

  • The Display
    Being able to view and read the display is of course important on any alarm clock. Although these devices will project the time, and perhaps other information on the ceiling or wall, having adequate display size and brightness can still be important. Numerals need to be large enough based on your vision and where you will locate the clock. The display needs to be bright enough but not so bright that it keeps you awake. Some people feel a display that will remain lit at all times is ideal, while others prefer it darkened, lighting only when activated. Some of these alarm clocks will display more than the time. Some will also display the month/date, the year, the alarm time, temperature, or more.
  • The Clock
    Clearly, you also need to look for the alarm clock features you want. Dual alarms are good for those situations when you and a significant other have different wake times to schedule. Automatic time set saves you from having to reset your clock after a power failure. Another automated convenience feature are clocks that immediately adjust their time when standard time switches to day light savings or a leap year occurs.
  • Projection
    Users often have the choice of having the time projected on to the ceiling or a wall. Some of these devices are fixed while others allow the user to adjust where it will be displayed in the room. For many of these clocks, the projection is constant, for others, it displays only when activated. There are some devices that allow the user the choice between both options.
  • The Alarm
    The volume of the alarm can be important, but people also often have a preference for what sound they hear when they're awakened. Some alarm clocks with projection also have a built-in clock radio, others may play CDs or provide nature sounds. In these cases, the user often has a choice as to which sound they prefer. Having a progressive volume feature works best for most people. Then, if they awake with a softer sound, they don't have to hear something that alarms them but can be assured the extra volume will be there when it's needed. An adjustable "snooze" function is also handy and some alarms even allow you to set a different wake time between weekdays and weekends.
  • Power and Reliability
    A good alarm clock absolutely must be reliable. Some projecting alarm clocks are referred to as "atomic clocks" this means they receive a radio signal several times a day from the national atomic clock and are, therefore, always accurate. Others may provide a dual power source to assure they are always running. They may use AC power so that you don't have to worry about dead batteries but have battery back up in case of power failure.
  • Other Features
    For those who want to know the weather, some of alarm clocks with projection will also provide the temperature in the room while others may also have a wireless remote sensor to pick up the temperature at a more distant point. Buyers need to consider the range of that remote. Some of these devices provide even more weather information such as a forecast or a humidity reading and others also have a sleep function that will allow you to fall asleep to music before it automatically times out.


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    • profile image

      Andy Johnston 7 years ago

      I would think a projection alarm clock would be a perfect gift for an elderly person or anyone who has difficulty seeing the face of a traditional alarm clock. In any case, there are very cool.

    • JustBon profile image

      Bonnie 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      I'm getting some really great gift ideas from reading your Hubs. Thank you :)