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Window Covering Options-Curtains

Updated on May 2, 2012

Curtains-Stylish Alternative To Blinds

Curtains are the most popular of all the window covering solutions because of the style and variety you can have with them. You can also have many options regarding the type of fabric, color and design to meet your special window covering needs unlike blinds.

Curtains come in different types and styles like decorative curtains, French pleated curtains, puddle curtains etc..The decorative curtain otherwise known as curtain valance has many names such as panel curtain, pole top curtain, casement curtain. It has deep frills at the top of window, covering the curtain track thereby hiding it. The French pleated curtains are created in such a way to have triple pleats at regular intervals by using a tape controlled by cords. The puddle curtains get the name due to the puddle formation that occurs because of the excess length of fabric chosen for this purpose. Puddle curtains are generally used in bedrooms and living rooms.

The curtains should be of right size and length so that the hung curtain covers the whole of window up to the window sill or the floor as the case may be. The curtain either be flush with the window or start from the ceiling level as per your choice. It will look odd if the curtain size and length is smaller because then the whole purpose of window covering is defeated. So due care must be taken to have the right measurement which is vital. The ceiling to floor curtains should have 10mm gap between floor and the bottom tip. The gap can be 5mm for window sill for flush curtains.

For the sake of orderliness and uniformity, all the curtain headings should be at the same level. It will look odd otherwise. As a safety precaution against fire, do not use curtains to cover radiators, you can use cheap blinds instead.


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