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All In One Washer Dryer Saves Energy And Time

Updated on December 19, 2011

Don't Let Washing Put You Through The Wringer!

Title: DSC_1155.JPG ~ License: MorgueFile License ~ Photographer: Bobby
Title: DSC_1155.JPG ~ License: MorgueFile License ~ Photographer: Bobby

Reconfiguring the way we do wash!

The all in one washer dryer is a wonderful innovation that has been in use in Europe for quite a while; however, they have only recently become available in the United States. This single unit, washer dryer combo concept is a real space saver and a real energy saver - both in terms of electricity consumed and your own energy. In a single step, you can both wash and dry your clothes in the same machine. You don’t have to keep track of the time and come back to transfer items from a washer to a dryer. Simply put your clothing in the all in one washer dryer and go about your business. When you come back, they will be ready to fold, hang or wear.

Because they are a brand new technology in the US, all in one washer dryer units are still a bit costly and difficult to find. However, they are catching on very quickly and are in great demand, so the number of US manufacturers producing washer dryer in one combos is bound to increase. As this happens, the price will go down. Currently, all in one washer dryer combination units cost approximately a hundred dollars more in the US than they do in Europe.

Families with toddlers and inquisitive pets will be happy to know that all in one washer dryer combination units can be purchased with a child safety lock on the door. This is a good thing because these washer dryer units are front loaders. The front-facing door is pretty low, and could be quite a temptation for a curious pet or child.

With the all in one washer dryer you will not need ventilation. A standard clothes dryer needs to be vented, but that is not the case with this convenient, compact unit, so you can set up a washer dryer all in one in any kind of dwelling. The dryer function of your all in one washer dryer works using condensation instead of hot air. Drying takes a little longer this way, but the lack of extreme heat saves energy and wear and tear on your clothing. Additionally, this allows you to plug your washer dryer combo into a standard socket rather than the special, heavy duty socket required by old-fashioned, hot air dryers.

In the past all in one washer dryer units weren’t as energy efficient as they are now, but as with all new technology, the bugs have been worked out more and more with each incarnation. The new washer dryer combos are smaller than the prototypes and consume less energy. They also consume less water and you don’t need as much laundry detergent to get your clothes fresh and clean. In fact, some all in one washer dryer units use a very special concentrated detergent that will do the job using just a tablespoon or so of super powered detergent.

With an all in one washer dryer you will need to wash a little more frequently due to the compact size of the unit; however, this shouldn’t be a problem since having your own washer dryer in your apartment or home is simply so much more convenient than having to haul laundry to the laundromat. An all in one washer dryer can wash and dry about 20 pounds of clothes in each load, so a single person might toss in a load of wash on the way out the door every couple of days. One option that is good for larger families is to simply get two or more all in one washer dryer combinations. One all in one washer dryer in the kitchen, one in the master bath, and one in the kids’ bath would take care of all the family wash on an immediate, as-needed basis. While this option may be a bit costly now, as time passes and technology improves, the cost of the all in one washer dryer will decrease reconfiguring the way we do wash!



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  • justmesuzanne profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Texas

    Many thanks! :)

  • DFiduccia profile image


    6 years ago from Las Vegas

    This Washer dryer all-in-one is the answer to my small laundry room. Thanks—voted up


  • justmesuzanne profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks, tireless :) I do think that, as these become more popular and price goes down, people will big families and big will think about having more than one and situating them in bathrooms or outfitted hall closets rather than (or in addition to) laundry rooms, garages and kitchens. This would have the effect of making laundry something that teens and up take care of for themselves as-needed rather than having it be one monumental task for one or two family members.

  • tirelesstraveler profile image

    Judy Specht 

    7 years ago from California

    I have seen these and thought they were awesome. With 5 adults who work and exercise daily it will be awhile before we are able to use something like this. My daughter in Paris has one. She liked the all-in-one because dryers were expensive.

  • justmesuzanne profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Texas

    Thanks BK, I have been eyeing these because I am hoping to get a "tiny house" in a few years. Seems like a perfect fit! :)

  • BkCreative profile image


    7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

    You know years and years ago I would visit family and friends in England and this is the type of unit everyone had - I was so impressed! They were all so neatly tucked under the kitchen counter.

    Finally, they are here in the US - and a neighbor who totally renovated her condo purchased one. With a new baby she only wanted cloth diapers and nothing worked better than this unit.

    It is long past time for us to stop thinking bigger(and more is better) - now all this bigger and more - washers and dryers - have to be disposed of. More landfill.

    Thanks for the info - and rated up and more of course!


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