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All Types of Gorgeous Dahlias that are irresistible for a Garden

Updated on February 17, 2016

What is a dahlia?

A dahlia is a tuberous-rooted Mexican plant of the daisy family, which is cultivated for its brightly colored single or double flowers.

The Dahlia Flower is the August Birth Month Flower. The symbolic meaning of the dahlia originated in the Victorian Era and was used commonly then for personal sentiments. When given as a gift, the dahlia flower expresses dignity and elegance, but more importantly the Dahlia symbolizes Commitment and a Bond that lasts forever.

The dahlia is one of the most spectacular of blooming plants now found in gardens across the world. These herbaceous perennial plants belong to the genus Dahlia and are indigenous to the highlands of Central America and Mexico. They are a bushy, tuberous plant that originally only consisted of some 35 wild species. Today over 50,000 hybridized varieties of dahlias have been registered and classified.

When given as a gift, the dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever. The dahlia flower is still used today in gardens and flower arrangements to celebrate love and marriage.

This sweet floral often blooms in a dazzling geometric that resembles honeycomb. It's another southern favorite, and the national flower of Mexico. Its sound is gorgeous. Ranking at 431, Dahlia is the most popular of the unique florals we're featuring.

Type of Dahlias

Dahlias - particularly useful in providing months of flowering if they are given rich soil and adequate moisture. The single and semi-double types with dark stems are easy to place with other plants. Dahlias must be lifted at the end of the year and stored indoors.

Dahlia 'Janice' - pink Waterlily dahlia that combines well with all colors. Strong, straight stems hold blooms high in plants that look great in the garden.

Jewelry dahlia/Waterlily Dahlia- Waterlily Dahlia, the name Waterlily belies the appearance that the blooms of these varieties look like a floating waterlily. All of the Waterlily type dahlias are excellent cut flower producers. Waterlily dahlia is the widely considered to be the golden standard to which all other waterlily dahlias are held, with amazing petal structure and a mixed petal coloration of yellow, orange and purple.

Elite Waterlily Dahlia-gorgeous pink and yellow container dahlia, perfect for sunny porches, balconies & terraces.

Pam Howden Waterlily Dahlia - peachy-orange petals with hints of fuchsia and a glowing yellow center.

Dahlia 'Karma Chocolate' - sumptuous velvety dark red almost black water lily like blooms up to 5" across, grow on strong dark stems with dark chocolaty foliage, and the flowers are also chocolate scented.

Reaching about 3 ft high, everything about the plant is dark: the foliage is rich purple-bronze in color, the stems are reddish-black and the elegant 5 inch waterlily flowers open deep a Bourneville chocolate color and mature to deep black-tinted crimson.

Decorative dahlia with characteristics of a waterlily dahlia that means closing (sleeping) flowers in the evening. Very deep red, almost black with a velvet blush. Grows 3 ft tall with blooms of 5 - 6". Excellent vase life.

Dahlia Karma Chocolate Perfectly-formed 5" flowers are among the darkest of all dahlias. Deep, velvet-red with almost black centers. Bred in Holland for the cut flower market, these dahlias have long, straight stems and last 7-10 days in a vase. Extra-Long Stems for Cutting; Blooms Summer Through Fall.

Karma 'Chocolate'Dahlia ; The combination of the near-black, dark red flowers and the bronze-flushed foliage is a winner. The flowers, which keep appearing throughout the summer (especially if you keep picking them for the vase), are chocolate-scented and look like velvet - really plush and lovely. Plant it with other late summer bloomers with rich purple and plum colored flowers. It also makes a wonderful contrast to silvery tones.

Dahlia Diva- incredible dark purple blooms on very long stems. The petals are very unique in that they come to a point at the edge.

Carmen Fiesta - amazing variegated flower this is a pale yellow with red speckles throughout the flower.

Cornel - Introduced in 1982. This variety is a "MUST HAVE" for those who exhibit. Blooms are 3 1/2" of dark red that grow on strong, straight stems. Very showy variety on the bush and nice in the garden too. Plant height grows to 4'. Recommended as a cut flower.

Carmen Bunky Dahlia - dark Pink Waterlily form, Winning show bloom and lovely garden or cut flower. The blooms are very consistent making it a great multiple bloom candidate. Grows to 3-1/2 ft, 4" Blooms.

Eveline Dahlia - ideal for adding color to the late summer border, this tall dahlia produces beautiful creamy white flowers, which have a hint of pink at their petal tips. This pink flush is quite noticeable when all the petals are still opening as it forms a distinctive 'eye' at the centre of each bloom. A wonderful addition to the mixed or herbaceous border, the flowers are also excellent for cut arrangements.

The blooms are an ivory shade of white with lilac centers and hints of lilac at the tips of the petals. 'Eveline' is among the tallest varieties that offers a radiant touch, with long stems that are excellent for cutting. Ball form. These hybrids of species native from Mexico to Colombia hold their display in reserve for mid- to late summer and early fall, when most gardens and most vases are looking a little tired. Planted in 3s and 6s, Dahlias serve to fill holes that develop in the perennial border.

Harlequin Collarette Dahlia Mix - dwarf, early flowering, collarette type dahlia producing a superb array of unusual bi-color and single color, semi-double and double blooms. Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers.

Gramma's lemon pie- introduced in 2007. Cute and bright, the 4” blooms are a good clear yellow, and each petal is tipped in white. It will occasionally throw a bit of caramel color on the outer part of the petals, just like the peaks on lemon meringue pie! Bush grows to 4' and is very sturdy, strong, and full of bloom during the season. Great garden plant with good laterals.

Lady Darlene Dahlia - dinner plate form that is a great ball of fire in the garden, this dahlia has rich yellow-gold petals with red tips and perfect flower form. A magnificent color combination.

These dahlias are extremely good for wedding bouquets. Do consider these gorgeous florals as an option.

Purple dahlia
Purple dahlia
karma chocolate
karma chocolate


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    • nairah bundhoo profile image

      nairah bundhoo 

      2 years ago

      This is one of the most beautiful hubs that i´ve ever read. So detailed...


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