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Allergy Bedding Which One is Better for Dust Mites

Updated on February 3, 2009

You are allergic to dust mites and your doctor told you to cover the bed in allergy bedding covers. Now what?

For years people used vinyl to cover the bed to protect them from dust mites. As some of you know, vinyl made the bed too hot to sleep on. You would wake up in a pool of sweat. Then they developed allergy bedding that was vinyl covered in cloth. Better but still too hot fir people in warmer areas.

We now really have 2 different styles that are comfortable and effective.

The first style of allergy bedding is a blended 50/50 fabric, cotton and poly, that is fused to a very shear, light weight urathane membrane. This makes this style of allegy bedding effective, durable and water-proof. Great cover for children, kids in college and for beds that need to be water proof.

The second style is a non-membraned fabric. It is also called microfiber, micro-weave and microfabric. What this means is the fabric is woven so tightly that the allergens can not pass through the spaces between the fibers. That is know as mean pore size. These type of allergy bedding covers are not water-proof and I don't recommend them for childrens beds.

One of the most comfortable of the microfiber allergy bedding covers is the 100% cottom. It has a pore size just under 5 microns, small enough to protect you from dust mite. The cotton is soft, cool and comfortable.

Another choice is a blend, 60% polyester/40% cotton. This is another nice fabric that provides excellent protection and is comfortable. The fabric may be a little too heavy for some people when they use it on their comforter.

If your looking for the best in microfiber allergy bed covers then the Pristine fabric should suit your needs. It is 100% polyester that has been specially processed to create a mean pore size of 2.8 microns. This not only gives you protection from dust mites but animal dander as well.

Finally if you want organic, then there is now available a 100% organic cotton fabric. Just like the regular 100% cotton allergy cover, these are soft, comfortable, effective but pricey.

All of the styles of allergy bedding fabrics will give you protection. It boils down to which fabric you are most comfortable with. Each can be washed in hot water, no bleach, and dried just like the rest of yor bedding.

Prices for a 9" queen size mattress run anywhere from $15.95 for vinyl to $176.00 for the 100% organic cotton. The choice is yours.

Wishing you the best of health

Mike Krause - Celebrating 20 years of service


Allergy Bedding
Allergy Bedding


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