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The Owl in Home Décor

Updated on June 19, 2015
Owl artwork
Owl artwork | Source

Hootie Hoots

Often called "hootie hoots", these cute and colorful owls are often seen and are fitting anywhere a splash of fun and brightness is welcome.

Especially adorable in dorm rooms and nurseries alike, the variety of styles of the whimsical owl can appeal to all ages. Unexpected placings in the kitchen, bedroom or living room can reflect a sense of playfulness in an otherwise traditional home.

Dena Happi Tree Bedding Set
Dena Happi Tree Bedding Set | Source

Owls in the Baby Nursery

One of the delights in expecting a baby is planning the décor of the nursery. New mothers are desiring unique designs and using the owl theme is a perfect way to do this. It breaks away from the more traditional nursery themes and can also stay appropriate as the child gets older without the need for redecorating.

The Kitchen

Another popular place to express your love for the owl theme is in the kitchen. It is perfectly acceptable for grown-ups to also enjoy the cheerfulness without feeling a loss of sophistication in the home. Coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers, canister sets and dishtowels are great accessories to use and so many variety, designs and colors are available.

Macrame Owl Wall Hanging
Macrame Owl Wall Hanging | Source

Timeless, Not Trendy

We have seen the owl used in many ways since the 1970s. Thought of as trendy in the past, it has earned a place now as a traditional theme in baby nurseries and children's rooms. How tired are we of seeing teddy bears? Although teddy bears are adorable and a classic, many are searching for a new tradition when decorating a room for a special child.

Beginning in the mid 1970s, the macrame owl wall hangings were starting to emerge as a staple in home decor. Usually macrame kits were sold for the homeowner to take on as a DIY project and the trend took off. Bath towels, bedding and kitchenware became available with the iconic image. After a few years, the wall hangings were taken down and the bedding and towels were banished, probably to be sold in garage sales. Considered dated, owls in decor disappeared until about 2005 when an increase in interest for eco-friendly products began. Images of nature complemented these interests so the little owl was once again in favor for use in the home. Since it has now been around for the last ten years and is still going strong, owls in home decor are considered a timeless classic.

Careful With Balance

Practice balance when using accessories, pictures and figurines. Too many owl images can be overpowering and kitschy.


No Need To Stare

The clothes designer,Coco Chanel, quoted: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off". Of course, she meant removing an accessory you have on such as jewelry, scarves or belts. But the same concept can be used in decorating a room. Take a step back and remove one owl themed item. Leave the room and step back again. Maybe get a friend with a fresh pair of eyes to help. You can always add it back. The point is, you don't want a forest of big, wide owl eyes staring at you from every direction.

Don't Use Real Owls

I found this video that shows a real owl that found it's way inside someone's house. I don't think using real owls is a good idea and would go along with my advice on using good balance in decorating. I just thought this was a fun video and hope you enjoy it.


Love or Hate?

What Do You Think Of Using Owls In Home Decor?

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    • PaigSr profile image


      3 years ago from State of Confusion

      My grandmother loved owls. She had a large painting of them in her living room. She also had a needlepoint of three owls with the third one upside down and the words - Nobody's Perfect. That one I still have.


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