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Alternate Employment on Going Green

Updated on June 14, 2013

Alternate Employment On Going Green

New and Different Ideas to Going Green

Volume 2, Issue 11, June 14, 2013

There is new technology and new ideas that many people come up with in reducing, slashing, and conserving energy. One of the most effective and widely used methods is reducing the usage or slashing the use of the energy to half of what you used the energy system before. For example, if you showered for 20 minutes your new and enhanced view would be to reduce it by half and only shower for 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes. The use of water would be reduced about . Let’s use a one person household calculation for the water consumption of the household, where this person takes one shower per day and is in the shower 6.3 minutes the flow of water is 3.8. The one person household also flushes the toilet at least 4 times a day therefore using 5 gallons per day. The one person household uses the faucet about 5 times per day at .5 minutes per day. Dishwasher and Dishwashing, dishes are washed 1 time by hand at 5 minutes and loading the dishwasher is 7 times per week at 15 gallons per dishwasher load. Laundry washes are at 7 times per week and the gallons used are at 55 per week. This calculation would yield 601 gallons per day, 18270 gallons per month, and 219365 per year of gallons of water employed for this household, not including water consumed and drank. When the recommendation is using 75555 per year that is far more than half of the maximum amount we should be using to conserve our water resources. Here is a website that could help you in evaluating how much water is employed (

How about what you consume in drinking water? It really depends on your weight and how much your body consumes in for example the average weight of 125 pound person should consume 63 ounces of water per day to stay hydrated and that is to maintain a healthy maintenance of the body. The person who weight’s about 149 pounds should consume at least 75 ounces to maintain a healthy well-being. This is could be evaluated by the use in faucet water if that is what you drink, but most people drink bottled water. Which could easily be calculated on the amount you purchase in gallons or ounces per month and you could take this example to calculate the minimum amount of consuming into account to estimate what your reduction in water usage to be, however it is good to just reduce your employing water for household uses than drinking water because our bodies depend on water for most everything in our lives including converting it internally to oxygen which is vital to our survival.

Then there is the use of energy efficient appliances and plugs to reduce or turn off systems when they are not in use. Some energy systems like those on computers actually have energy saving time on their mode menu’s that save your use of electricity. Some computer’s like Apple, e-machines, McIntosh, Windows, and Acer have this in there programs or hard drive hardware system. There are computers with this device available on EBay and Amazon.

Cable system programs are also introducing new security systems that turn off your electricity systems for conservation and reduction of energy. The security systems that are currently being advertised and used for energy conservation and turn off time are called “Home Security System.” There are several variations available from Amazon or EBay.

There are also energy efficiency light bulbs available that reduce the watts the household employs to reduce electricity usage.

The exterior of the home uses electricity and solar could be employed instead of using standard electricity or employing electrical systems that are not connected to a solar system that could ease the burden and reduce energy consumption. These types of exterior solar lighting are also available through Amazon and EBay.

Going Green



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