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Aluminium Ladders – Choosing the Best Quality for your Home

Updated on September 11, 2010

Aluminium ladders are the most popular choice for use by both households and businesses alike. This is because aluminium is light weight, durable, stable, versatile and cost effective. At home, they can be used to change a light bulb, paint the ceiling, and reach an object placed in a high place or to do some household repair work at heights that are difficult or impossible to reach without the aid of a tool.

Aluminium is weather resistant and can be used to get work done outdoors on a nice sunny day or a not so nice rainy day without having any effect on the ladder. Moisture, termites and prolonged exposure to the sun have no effect on aluminium ladders. When you quickly need to get some work done, they are easy to pick up and assemble and also easy to fold and put away when you are finished.

When you are trying to decide which one of the aluminium ladders you want for your home you will need to take several factors into consideration before making your choice. First of all, there are different types of aluminium ladders and your choice will depend on what you need to get done.

Aluminium Extension Ladders will enable you to get work done at varying heights as you are able to quickly and easily modify the height of the ladder to get work done.

Aluminium Platform Ladders are shaped in an upside down V position and are a great choice for those who need maximum stability or have a problem climbing ladders. You can also place your tools and materials on top of the platform style ladders.

Aluminium Roof Ladders have hooks that you can insert on the roof for stability and are a great choice for working on pitched roofs.

Combination style ladders can be used to get a variety of work done and is very popular due to the fact they have multi purpose features enabling the ladder to be setup in different shapes and angles.

You also need to check that the aluminium ladders you are considering meet the required trademark in your country. The presence of a trade mark indicates that the ladder has passed certain minimum quality and safety standards as set in the guidelines for your country or region.

Another factor to consider is the maximum height of the ladder you will require. This will depend on the distance between the floor and the ceiling in your home. So get your measuring tape out and find out the spacing in your home as the last thing you want is a ladder that cannot fit into the storage space you have in your home! So, take measurements and make your selection accordingly.

Now, how heavy are you? Why? Well, you see, you need to also consider how much weight the ladder will need to support. For example, domestic aluminium ladders have a maximum load of 125kgs, while industrial aluminium ladders have a maximum static load 175kgs. Now, unless you are an extremely light weight individual, then i would recommend you select the Industrial ladder for maximum stability and safety.

You need to also take into consideration if you have a hinged loft at home. If so, a ladder with a grab rail would be allot more comfortable and safer for use. Once you have taken all the above factors into consideration then you can make your choice. I believe this will be a great log term investment for your home.


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