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Aluminum Can Crusher

Updated on September 30, 2009

Aluminum can crushers are able to crush all standard 12oz. cans to approx. 1 inch. A simple and effective kitchen tool, that really does crush aluminum cans for ease in recycling, although not as effective on cans with thicker metal, such as pet food cans.

It’s a simple contraption to operate - it’s just a case of putting a can within the soda can crusher and than to grip the handle and pull it in a downwards in a quick fast motion. End result - a squashed can at about 1" in size. Often built in a sturdy construction, with heavy gauge steel the material of choice. For those equipped with an easy slide action, it often makes the crushing process that much more simple and quick.

An electric can crusher can often be mounted to a wall or side of a cupboard to offer overall ease in functionality and convenience. Mounting it on wall that's just above the recycling bin is the ideal position, once crushed the cans can simply drip into the bin without fuss. Accessories to add to these can crushers include collection bins able to hold in the region of 48 crushed cans.

The levels on the crushers are often easy to pull, with handles that lift either up or down depending on the design of the crusher. A quick and fast pull often gives the best result with a can soon being compacted down to a 1/2 inch or so.

Basic Industries, Progressive, Northern Tool & Equipment, and Easy Pull Products all offer a series of quality household products, such as these efficient and fast can crushers. One popular product is the Easy Pull auto dispensing can crusher that operates smoothly and easily, constructed in a durable, nylon, aluminum, and stainless steel, goes fast - often able to crush 15 to 20 cans a minute - and looks good and works great. In addition, the Basic Industries 77701 crusher is another favored option, which offers an attractive and durable design, with a price that is entirely reasonable.

Recycling is made that much easier with a aluminum can crusher to hand - a space saving device that helps the environmentally conscience person take more soda cans to a recycling center - often allowed 5 times the amount of cans to be taken on each trip. All in all, a great item of kitchenware that's a lot more effective than having to stomp on cans with your feet.


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