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Amazing Uses For Household Items: Baking Soda

Updated on August 20, 2012

How amazing is baking soda

Surem we have all used a nice box of baking soda in our fridge to cut down on pesky odor. Some Of us even use it in our closets. But it's uses are far greater than just odor elimination. So much greater in fact baking soda may very well be the most handy thing out there. Of course when it comes to baking soda one name takes the cake, Arm and Hammer. This little box of amazement has been around since the 1800s.

The story of Arm and Hammer begins in Massachusetts in 1846 at the home of John Dwight. Dwight had been making aerated salt which is what baking soda was called back then known as Saleratus. In 1847 he teamed with his brother in law Dr. Austin Church. They would create the brand of baking soda we know and love today, Arm and Hammer. The two would part ways but in 1896 descendants of each reformed the company and Arm and Hammer grew to astonishing heights.

One of the most famous logos of out times, Arm and Hammer remains a constant in American homes.
One of the most famous logos of out times, Arm and Hammer remains a constant in American homes.

Some cool facts

Arm and Hammer has become a household name. I thought I will fill you in on why such a product could endure so long with such admiration. Baking soda has an almost unlimited shelf life and can be kept for a lifetime. In a survey conducted by the LA times it was discovered 9 out of every 10 refrigerators contained a box of baking soda. In 1976 baking soda was used to shine up Lady Liberty at her big celebration. It is a prime ingredient in toothpaste and alka seltzer. It is so amazing that Professor James Bisongi of Cornell used it to reverse the effects of acid rain in Wolf Pond bu dumping in 20 tons of baking soda. Pretty amazing for a little card board box full of powder. But just what all can it do?

The amazing powers of baking soda

  1. Clean a microwave- Just sprinkle a little of that magical powder onto a damp sponge and watch the microwave go from yuck to hey baby that's a nice microwave in minutes. Come, on, you know you want a nice microwave.
  2. Brighten tarnished silver- Granma's silverware looking as dingy as that old apron she wears when she fixes biscuits and gravy? Well guess what? No need to buy expensive silver polish, simply make a paste of Arm and Hammer and water. Now apply that wonderful goo to the silver and rub it in. Rinse it off and give it a little buff and you have silver worthy of a king. After all what if a werewolf came, you don't wanna kill it with tarnished silver do you?
  3. Give liquid laundry detergent a kick- Need a little more from that detergent? Simply pour 1/2 cup of Arm and Hammer in there and watch the magic unfold. Not only will your clothes look cleaner, they will smell cleaner as well.
  4. Clean the tile- Bathroom tile can get dingy in no time and cleaning it can be a huge hassle. Stains make for a bad room so what do you do? Grab your damp sponge, sprinkle some A and H and away you go. In no time celebs will be paying to use your bathroom.
  5. Maintain a septic tank- Say what? No kidding. Flush one cup of Arm and Hammer down the toilet each week to keep the acid levels good in your septic tank.
  6. Give a boost to dishwashing liquid- Add 2 tablespoons of A and H to ordinary dish washing liquid and you have super liquid. Grime will be scared, grease will run and the dishes will look so good that the fork just might run away with the spoon.
  7. Get rid of burned on food- Now if your better half is like mine this is a must. Food burned into pots and pans is a nightmare to deal with and baking soda can be the hero again. Wet the area and sprinkle some baking soda on there. Let it sit over night, all the while fearing the morning. Now simply wash it away.
  8. manage the alkalinity of a swimming pool- Add 1 and 1/2 pounds of Arm and Hammer baking soda to every 10,000 gallons of water to level out the acid levels of your pool. That's righ A and H is a life saver here as well.
  9. Sooth a bug bite- Make a paste from baking soda and water and simply rub it onto the bug bite. This works for sunburns too.
  10. Remove crayon marks from a wall- Again sprinkle some on a damp sponge and watch the colors fade.


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