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Amazing life hacks to make your everyday life easier - Part 2

Updated on April 29, 2014

Never lose your remotes again!

If you have multiple remote controls in your living room and sick of losing them well this ingenious trick should be a big help for you! Simple buy some conventional magnets with adhesive on their underside these should be available to buy at any good hardware store. Then stick them to your coffee table or any permanent fixture in your living room then when you're done using the remote instead of tossing back on the couch simply stick it to one of your magnets and then you will know exactly where to find it the next time.

The perfect bread for toasties

This trick will be enough to ensure that all the bread you use in your future toasties and even BLTS will be the perfect consistency. By sandwiching your two slices of bread in a single toaster slot a vacuum will be created on the inside meaning the inside will remain soft and chewy yet as the outside of the bread is in contact with the grill it will become hard and crusty, perfect.

Ice cold


Ice cold beverage in 15 minutes

A great way to get an ice cold beverage in just 15 minutes. Simply get a paper tap wet it with the cold tap then wrap it tightly around your chosen beverage and place it in the freezer. Then return 15 minutes later to get it and your beverage will be the perfect temperature - ice cold.

Just be careful not to leave it in too long as glass bottles may crack.

Carry multiple shopping bags

If you frequently have to try to carry multiple plastic bags after going by shopping and you can barely hold onto their flimsy handle when then this trip should help you. Use a climbing caribner or else simply a large key ring and hook all your bags through it and simply carry that this should stop the rough bag handles from digging into your hands. By spreading the weight out along the caribner it will significantly reduce the strain on your hands as carrying multiple bags can be quite painful. Also using this method will reduce the likelihood of the handle breaking causing your bag to split and the contents to spill everywhere.

Walk on ice without tripping

Think the title seems to good to be true? Wrong. By following this abstract trick you should be able to easily navigate ice without putting yourself from following on the hard surface and injuring yourself. By keeping your centre of gravity above your leading leg and walking with your back straight up then you will stop yourself from falling over like you would if you were splitting your legs wide as you walking causing your feet to slip out from underneath you.

Look at the photo below to see an illustrated guide.

Easy peasy

How to walk on ice

No more icy ice cream!

Ice cream that is just right!

Allot of the time when we take ice cream out of the freezer after it has been there for an extended period of time its very hard ( Think icy consistency bending or breaking the spoon as you try to scoop it and also having a very flaky not round texture as you spoon it into a bowl). Well this can all be avoided with great ease by simply getting a large zip-lock bag and closing it around the tub. The vacuum created will prevent icicles from forming on the outside of the bag yet the ice cream will still be warm enough to prevent it from melting.

Keep motivated for big tasks!

If you have a big assignment or work project coming up and you feel like you might not have the motivation to Finish it off and great way to get yourself to do it is by telling all your friends and family about it before hand. Then they will ask you and wonder about it and their pressure and questions about it will you inspire you to do it for fear of being ridiculed!

Stay motivated!

Extend a remotes range

If you are trying to open an electronic gate or garage dorr and are marginally out of range simply plce the remote control underneath your chin pointing upwards and try again! Your skull is a close enough copy of a parabolic reflection to give you that bit of extra distance you need! If you don't believe me then try it for yourself, it really does work!

The uncrackable password for iphone.

All to often it seems your friends and family are able to get into your iPhone simply because they know your birthdate which usually is your password. Well this is one they will never get go to settings then security and change your password to keyboard and set the password as your name..except keep your finger pressed on the letters to bring up the same letter but with accents then use them to spell out your name ore another word. I guarantee no one will think of that.


So guys that's the last of my life hacks for a while but I hope you enjoy reading out them as much as I love writing and sharing them with you! If you enjoyed this hub I would really appreciate a follow on my page as there will be lots of more of these to come! Also before you go please answer the poll and leave a comment, thanks!

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