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American Standard Bathroom/Lavatory Faucets Review: Sink, Widespread, Tub Spout, Other

Updated on January 8, 2015

American Standard Lavatory

American Standard lavatory and bathroom faucet department includes over a hundred various fixtures organized between themselves according to the company's collections. This is one of the most aesthetically diverse segment in the brand's selection, some of the implements adhering retro, classic, and even Victorian styles, others veering towards modern and contemporary designs – minimalist, geometrical, and others.

American Standard treat every outward part of a bathroom faucet as an essential element in the overall composition: the spouts, the handles, the soap dispensers, followed by such accessories as shower trims and hooks – they all combine into a unified whole that creates a distinct atmosphere and mood inside the bathroom.

Types of installation include centerset, where the control handles and the main water conducting metal part attach to a single metal plate, widespread, which allows to customize the distance between the separately fixed components, single control, which conjoins the control lever and the spout (a category that becomes particularly important in kitchen faucets), commercial items that emphasize sturdiness and heavy duty utility, and more.

Finishes comprise oil rubbed and blackened bronze, brass, chrome, nickel, and steel. Let's take a look at some of the collections:

American Standard Bathroom Centerset Faucet
American Standard Bathroom Centerset Faucet


  • Green Teas, Tropic and Amarilis collections exhibit nature inspired motifs embodied in subtle metal-work: leaf-like handles, branch-like faucets – shapes and forms that we usually associate with nature and its products. Curves and arches flowing freely and in accordance with the surrounding airflow define the spirit of these models, consequently instilling a calm ambience within the lavatory.

  • Berwick and Moments take a sharp turn towards an ultra-modern design, posing an alternative to above described lines with their angular, industrial contours and no-nonsense serious, powerful trims. Here simplicity and minimalism emerge as their own decorative elements, appealing to folks with a more Spartan taste in interior décor.

  • Colony and Reliant present a classic modern design that mixes Amarilis and Berwick features into an eclectic, effective, both visually and functionally, configuration. Available in widespread, Centerset, and single-control modes.

  • Hampton and Portsmouth revive older styles by introducing perfume bottle and cruciform handles that flirt with late 19th century steam pipe metal work patterns. A more deliberate category, it requires and rewards extra thought in bathroom decoration.


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