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American Standard Bathtub Review: Whirlpool, Corner, Freestanding; Acrylic, Cast Iron, Other

Updated on January 8, 2015

American Standard Tubs

American Standard bathtubs and whirlpools department comprises over a hundred various designs, starting from classic freestanding cast-iron tubs, and ending with unorthodox hour-glass or even walk-in models. Th company manufactures these essential fixtures from two main materials: cast iron, and acrylic; a broad palette includes several white, yellowish, and beige shades, and also black. Lifetime warranty secures long and uninterrupted by breakdowns and leaks usage.

American Standard tubs arrive usually in either rectangular or oval shape, while the inner perimeter may or may not match the outer (for instance a rectangular outer shell with an inner elliptic basin) one; less familiar designs include the Cadet Corner bathtub, Savona Oval, and others. Drop-in, undermount, and freestanding installation.

Whirlpools constitute a separate segment that routinely incorporates eight jets dispersed across the edges, and directed towards various body parts to exert maximum contact and contribute to an effective, therapeutic, bathing experience. Some of these variants feature an in-built seat, on which it's possible to rest between sessions, or simply relax before or after various hygiene procedures. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections:

American Standard Bathtub
American Standard Bathtub


  • Cadet, probably the most developed collection in American Standard selection, accommodates practically all available designs and technologies, allowing for a very precise and personalized customization. Bathtubs arrive in white, active gray, linen, and black colors, in classic or advanced whirlpool configurations and, outfitted with various features that render taking a bath a comfortable experience: arm, elbow, neck rests and supports, trademark EverClean and DeepSoak systems, and more.

  • Walk-In bathtub provides the ultimate comfort feature: a watertight door that allows to walk out of the basin without stepping over the edge – thus reducing risks of slipping, falling, and injury. Whirlpool or traditional, walk-ins include a seat and a grab bar for further safety, and a QuikDrain trademark system. White or linen white colors. This particular architecture can only rarely be found in Kohler or other competitors; inventory.

  • Green-Tea collection opts for a less conventional basin shape, presenting inner waist-like curves around the torso area – a sensible way to save water, but also change the appearance towards a more modern, flowing aesthetic. Undermount or drop-in, Green Tea tubs alter the overall size as well, some fixtures being almost square (approaching such collections as Town Square, Evolution, and Studio), others more elongated.


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