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American Standard Kitchen Bathroom/Lavatory Sink Review: Cadet, Colony, Heritage, Culinaire, Other

Updated on January 8, 2015

American Standard Sinks

American Standard selection of kitchen and bathroom sinks covers the entire spectrum of individual homemaking needs relevant to this mode of installation. Additionally, some of the sinks address more specialized demands posed by the the industrial sphere – the company taking pride in being a provider on a mass scale.

Lavatory department includes several types, varying in their adherence to traditional design: pedestal, countertop, undercounter, vessel, and wall-mount are the main categories. Bathroom and lavatory sinks differ notably from their kitchen kin in the clearly determined effort to not only perform the anticipated functional duty, but also to exhibit visually appealing traits.

Conversely, kitchen sinks will sacrifice looks for enhanced utility qualities, the two-basin variations appearing like workplace installations rather than decorative bowls used only every once in a while. To compliment the busy appearance American Standard offer these sink in cast iron and stainless steel – tough, durable materials.

Let's take a closer look:

American Standard Lavatory Sink
American Standard Lavatory Sink


The more diverse group of products, bathroom sinks arrive in various metals, or more delicate (and aesthetically bettered) vitreous china, glass, or fireclay. With the exception of vessels and a few other types, most of the installations arrive, according to customer demands, drilled for faucets with one or several holes.

Collections include Cadet, Colony, Ellisse, Hampton, Heritage, and others; most of these lines contain at least two kinds of fixtures. When compared to Kohler, American Standard assortment stands out for its stress on the more symmetrical round and square designs – while Kohler excel especially in manufacturing highly decorative, painted items.


A relatively small department, it nevertheless offers the two-basin sink, a fixture that very few competitors can boast in supplying. This unique type of kitchen implement will be particularly appreciate by kosher cooks and chefs – though the partition of the bowl into two separate containers can useful for almost any kitchen.

It's not accidental that American Standard dubbed this design Culinaire – built with culinary (apparently, on semi-pro, or even professional level) utilization in mind. The sinks arrive in undermount and top-mount installation modes.


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