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American Standard Kitchen Faucet Review: Pull Down, Pull Out, Centerset, Single Handle

Updated on January 8, 2015

American Standard Kitchen

Even a cursory glance at American Standard selection of bathroom/lavatory faucets and at their kitchen brethren reveals fundamental differences between the two types of fixtures. Bathroom pieces will almost always regard aesthetics as a factor that equals in importance ease of installation and water conducting technologies; kitchen faucets, however, will not – designers and engineers appear to have colluded to pay more attention to functionality and comfort first, pushing beauty a notch away.

The reason for this strange “conspiracy” is obvious: kitchen, unlike the lavatory, is a workplace first and foremost, and as such it must feature the most work friendly implements. It's the food that comes out of there that must appear extra pleasing, the spouts and the sinks can wait. This is the main reason for the somewhat exaggerated arching or straight lines that determine the shape of pull-out, single control, and bar models – it's easier (faster, more effective) to operate the fixture and manipulate water stream that way.

American Standard kitchen faucets arrive in bronze, brass, nickel, chrome, and steel finishes, in three main installation modes: centerset, single-control/hole, and the more decorative widespread (more common in the bathroom). Let's take a closer look at some of the collections:

American Standard Kitchen Faucet
American Standard Kitchen Faucet


  • Cadet and Reliant collections reflect the modern stylistic trend of late 20th and early 21st centuries: fast, aerodynamic, highly effective design that saves space and contributes conceptually to the working environment. Pull-out model allows to detach the head from the spout, and rely on a connecting (similar to shower fixtures) hose for water supply. Especially useful for cleaning large pots and other cookware.

  • Colony and Pekoe lines usually opt for a more classic, vertical design that achieves the same effect as Cadet and Reliant by introducing a large curving arch. More retro in appearance, it projects a mood that's quiet and confident in unique way – contrasting the fast-fast-fast attitude of the recent modern patterns. Amarilis, Jasmine, Hampton, and Williamsburg also offer similar faucet layouts.

  • Accessories include soap dishes, sink strainer drains, dish racks, soap dispensers, and side sprays, which usually come in the same package with the faucet.


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