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American Standard Showers, Showerheads, Handshowers Review: Kits, Receptors, Accessories

Updated on January 8, 2015

American Standard Showers

American Standard showers constitute a complex and diverse department that allows to build a quintessential corner of the house from the smallest accessory to the largest component – either in separate parts, or in complete, all-included solutions carefully refined by the company.

Plumbing fixtures include showerheads of various types, handshowers attached by a metallic cord to the water source, trims that accommodate valves, handles, small specialized spouts, body sprays, and other products. In terms of water conducting and installation technology, American Standard equip a range of fixtures with the FloWise systems, diverters, ceramic disks, and other enhancements.


FloWise, or otherwise, the brand offers several models of fixed shower head that can be installed in wall-mounted or ceiling modes, the latter arriving in classic rainhead design. Collections include Berwick, Serin, Green-Tea (matching and combining with the selection of bathtubs), Amarilis, Hampton, Tropic, Cadet, Colony, and others. Notable similarities to the company's faucet (both lavatory and kitchen) inventory.

American Standard Shower Head, Lever, Spout Set
American Standard Shower Head, Lever, Spout Set

Kits and Sets

Kits form an important category, for do-it-yourself people in particular, which provides a complete package of a showerhead, handle, shower spout or faucet, and other relating trims. These kits anticipate the larger, more massive combos of walls, receptors and doors. Here again, the various handles and diverters reveal similarities to the handles of faucets – and not only American Standard, but Delta, Kohler, Moen, Grohe and others as well. Town Square, Jasmine, Copeland, Moments, and other collections; chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, and PVD finishes.

Receptors and Doors

Receptors and Doors comprise the facade of the shower – arguably the most significant, in terms of aesthetics, part of the bathroom. The manufacturer, being conscious of this factor, supply over fifty types of products, starting from separate receptors and doors, and ending with complete, collection (Euro, Prestige, Tuscany, Acrylux) based suites that emulate the most luxurious Kohler offerings. Receptors arrive usually in classic square and corner shapes, and support the doors, frameless, glass, angular, and bypass among other variants; wall sets with built-in shelves complement the entire shower configuration.


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