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American Standard Toilets Review: FloWise, Cadet, Town Square, Champion, Colony, Other

Updated on January 8, 2015

American Standard Toilets

American Standard's emphasis on quality – a trait that enabled the company to capture a dominant position in both retailer and commercial markets – becomes especially important in toilet fixtures, where absolutely everything must be secure and free from breakdowns. Here the brand's prestige and heritage of 130 years emerge as an informal stamp of class and warranty (otherwise offered usually up to ten years).

Compared to Kohler selection of toilets, American Standard is not as diverse in the range of colors and collections, but it more than matches the former company in incorporating various flushing technologies and systems. A partial list includes such flushing methods as “pressure-assisted,” “gravity-fed,” and such trademark titles as FloWise, Cadet, Champion, and others.

Structurally, the company offers standard, classic designs consisting of two or one-piece tanks (integrated with the main bowl), and round and elongated bowls. Commercial Afwall fixtures dispense with the tanks, opting for a wall-mounted flushometer.

Additional features include WaterSense certification (saving water), celebrated Speed Connect for easy self-installation, comfort height, EverClean capability, ADA compliant models, and more.

Let's take a closer look:

American Standard Toilet
American Standard Toilet


  • Cadet constitutes a master collection that incorporates the vast majority of available technologies and designs in different configurations – taking into consideration such specs as flush rate, affordability, size, and others. Arrives in one or two-piece tank modes, in elongated or round shapes, comfort (right) height, FloWise system, and more.

  • Titan collection makes a bold move by reshaping the tank into a triangular, instead of he classic rectangular, container. Besides this peculiar feature, Titan toilets comprise familiar characteristics, including but not limited to comfort height, enhanced resistance to clogs, and more.

  • Town Square presents a surprising retro water-closet design where the entire configuration almost resembles a regular chair or armchair. The tank seamlessly integrates with the bowl, which rests on a square contoured column that resonated visually with the overall form. Round or elongated, it's quite large, and employs American Standard FloWise and other advanced technologies.

  • Tropic is another master collection that brings simplicity and affordability back to the forefront: it's not as expressive as Town Square (though a few cylindric fixtures can rival it in design originality), but it does the job – which often is just what is needed. Relies on brand trademark Cadet and FloWise flushing systems.


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