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An Adjustable Bed Base for a Healthier Sleep!

Updated on December 2, 2017
Reginald Thomas profile image

Reginald has been a sleep specialist for the past 20 years, training new and veteran associates in the retail mattress industry.

The Adjustable Bed Base

A great addition to any bedroom is an Adjustable Bed Base
A great addition to any bedroom is an Adjustable Bed Base | Source

The Adjustable Bed Base

For a totally customized addition to anybody's bedroom today is the Adjustable Bed Base. For those people that like to watch television in bed, work on their laptop or just read a good book, this is the new "recliner" for the bedroom. Complete with many features that enhance your sleep comfort as well as provide assistance with many health related problems. If you have been thinking about getting yourself one, you will be glad you did. In this article I will explain the different types along with the features and benefits that will help you have a healthier sleep.


They come in a number of sizes. This is to help when determining what will fit a particular size room.

  • Twin - 39" X 75"
  • Full - 54" X 75"
  • Queen - 60 X 80"
  • King - 76 X 80"

Below are three additional sizes that can be made for you if you need. They most likely will be a special order.

  • Twin XL - 39" X 80"
  • Full XL - 54" X 80"
  • Cal King - 72" X 84"

Adjustable Bed Base Without Mattress

Many models are the wall hugger type. This tends to help save room in the bedroom.
Many models are the wall hugger type. This tends to help save room in the bedroom. | Source

Manual or Remote Control

Adjustable Bed Bases are operated either manually or by remote control. The manually controlled bases will have a crank at the foot or are raised or lowered literally by hand. This is especially difficult if there is a person in the bed while it is being raised or lowered.

The remote models are available with two versions: Wired or Wireless. The wired remote is a small device that is connected by a thick wire to the motor of the base. This allows you to raise and lower your head or raise and lower your feet and legs. The special benefit of this type is that you will never lose it. It is my opinion that this type will be permanently replaced by the wireless remote in a few years.

The wireless remote control is operated using two triple A (AAA) batteries and allows you the freedom to use the controller from any part of the room. Many have a magnetic strip on the side of the base that you can attach the remote to, so that you are less likely to misplace it. The wireless controller will raise or lower the head and foot along with additional features.

Additional features:

  • Wall hugger design
  • LCD screen on controller (not on all models)
  • One touch return to flat setting
  • Multiple preset settings
  • Multiple pulsation settings
  • Battery back up (in case of a power outage)
  • The adjustability makes it easy to get in and out of bed.

Many of the models that are on the more expensive side will have still more features: Floor light underneath the base, neck lift, lumbar support lift. There are also models that can monitor how you sleep, heart rate, etc.... This is done through a simple app on your phone or computer. WOW!


The massage feature on the bases is very cool. Not everyone likes this feature, but for the person that appreciates the feeling of a very soothing pulsation throughout the bed with a variety of intensity settings, the massage feature is a great way to relax those muscles and unwind after a long day at work. I use mine each night and I think of it as taking the wrinkles out of my spine. (if that makes sense to you.)

Most of these bases have a 750 lb capacity and come with a 10 year limited warranty. I have been selling them for years now and can remember only two instances where there was a problem for customers and the manufacturer got right on them immediately.

Many people tend to shy away from purchasing a product like this at first because they are under the impression that they are very expensive. Any retailers that sell mattresses will have adjustable bed bases on display for you to try. Depending on your needs, you can purchase one usually between $600 and $1600 compared to what they were years ago which was in the thousands.

Major Health Benefits

The health benefits that go along with owning an adjustable bed base are numerous. Years ago, this was not an option for the home owner because they were too costly and extremely heavy to move and operate. Today, they are quite affordable and very streamline and are available in all sizes. Below is a list of some of the health benefits.

  • Helps reduce snoring ( it helps me!)
  • Reduces back pain
  • Helps with acid re-flux
  • Elevating your legs provides you with better circulation
  • Relieves pain from arthritis
  • Asthma and other breathing problems
  • A great help when trying to get in or out of bed

Most all of these health issues are very common and with the assistance of the variety of settings the adjustable bed base is a great help while trying to get a healthy sleep.

Memory Foam vs Latex Foam

A combination of Memory Foam and Latex Foam is a good choice for a mattress
A combination of Memory Foam and Latex Foam is a good choice for a mattress | Source

Mattresses for an Adjustable Bed Base

Not all mattresses will work on an adjustable base. Those with a coil system will not work unless it is a pocketed or encased coil. This is because these other coil systems have a steel border rod around the perimeter of the mattress on both sides. Therefore, they do not bend. A pocketed or encased coil is designed to be adjustable. Most all manufacturers make there products with the "pocketed" coil for that purpose.

Memory Foam vs Latex Foam

Anytime you visit a bedding store or furniture retailer that sell adjustable bases, they most likely will have them displayed on the floor with some type of Memory Foam mattress.This is because manufacturers advertise and market this as the best for everyone’s comfort level. This is not true in all cases. Granted, if a memory foam mattress meets your comfort level then, by all means that should be the one for you.

Be aware of the fact that all memory foam mattresses whether it be a Tempurpedic or another brand is made of 100% polyurethane and because of its properties will definitely soften up overtime. If you look at the law tag of any foam mattress you will find it to say that it is a polyurethane product.

The reason why I bring this up is that if a regular flat bed with memory foam will soften up, then if we put this mattress on a base that is being adjusted every night 365 days a year, the wear and tear will undoubtedly be more noticeable sooner that later.

An option that many people may not be aware of is that of Latex Foam. The is a product that comes from the rubber tree. There are two types of this foam:

  1. 100% Natural
  2. Synthetic

100% Natural Latex comes from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis).The good rubber trees! The best rubber comes from the countries closer to the Equator. Trees are tapped for the milky white substance. This material is then transported to a processing plant where the actual product is made. There are two different processes used called Talalay and Dunlap.

The Talalay is a process where the material collected from the rubber trees is flash frozen before it is baked. The flash freezing helps with the settling of materials as well as making it a lighter product. The material is poured into very large “cookie sheet” type pans and the put into large ovens where it is baked For certain amount of time.

The Dunlap goes through the same baking process but without the flash freezing step. This process ends up as a heavier product and firmer feel when made into a mattress.

Synthetic Latex is a man made product that uses a compound that tries to "mimic" the materials and properties of Natural Latex. The process uses petroleum chemicals and additives. Basically, it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, but....... guess what? It's not a real duck!

The difference in the feel of a Memory foam mattress and that of the Latex foam is very simple. Memory foam will give you the feeling of being engulfed or a sinking in feeling. We call that "sleeping in the mattress". Latex foam will give you a feeling of more support. We call that "sleeping on the mattress." It is somewhat more difficult to move in a memory foam than in latex foam.

More advanced model

The more advanced models include head tilt, lumbar adjustment, unlimited massage settings etc....
The more advanced models include head tilt, lumbar adjustment, unlimited massage settings etc.... | Source

The Hybrid Mattress

The Hybrid Mattress is half coil and half foam. The reason why I emphasize this type is because of the combination of foam and coil. Just like "You got Chocolate on my Peanut Butter!" Remember that commercial?

The coil is called "Pocketed" or "Encased". This coil system has very good support for your body and because of its design it provides excellent help with spinal alignment. Also, with two people in the bed, if one should move, the other person will not be disturbed. Nice!

The foam in most retail stores with a hybrid mattress is Memory foam and just to reiterate, this is because the manufacturers want you to buy this product so, they promote and advertise it a great deal. There are retailers though (specialty bedding stores) that will make a hybrid with Latex or the combination of Memory Foam and Latex Foam for you.

Below is a short list of some manufacturers that you should check out to see what they have for Adjustable Bed Bases and mattresses that will go with them.

  • Serta
  • Sealy
  • Springair
  • Gold Bond
  • Kingsdown
  • Simmons
  • Restonic
  • King Koil

In Closing

I hope the information provided here was helpful and that if you are in the market for a new bed you might think about the Adjustable Bed Base for a healthier sleep.

Watch this short video about the Hybrid Mattress

© 2017 Reginald Thomas

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