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An American Looks at Feng Shui for Beginners

Updated on January 9, 2010

It Can't Hurt To Try ;-)

The artful arrangement of items in the home to create positive Chi.
The artful arrangement of items in the home to create positive Chi.

Feng Shui For Beginners

Here in the Western World we are always borrowing for the exotic East.  We've adopted acupuncture, yoga and Zen creating our own unique American formula.  We are open minded to anything that promises us inner peace or good luck as long as it is not too time consuming or requires any change in personal habits.  Our latest import is Feng Shui which is the ancient Chinese art of placement that analyzes the flow of energy in a given location. Savvy architects and interior designers have already gotten on the bandwagon.  You can go into the Feng Shui section of any local bookstore and find plenty of information on application. 

Personally, I think we make our own luck but I am not above a few simple changes in arrangement, just in case.  So, in compliance with the Feng Shui dictates for a harmonious home, I informed my boyfriend Greg that I would now be keeping the toilet seat cover down.  He flashed me a look that plainly said, "What in hell are you talking about now"; and asked me politely why.  When I told him that my friend Diane had been researching Feng Shui books and all of them had one thing in common, they insist that the toilet seat cover be kept in the down position.  If the cover is left open all the positive energy (Chi) in the house will be sucked down into the sewer.  Since it was quite a simple thing to do I reasoned that it certainly couldn't hurt anything to try.  Greg was used to me by now.  He shrugged his shoulders and figured it wasn't any worse than when I eliminated all the fat from the house and later all the carbohydrates.  He even reasoned that it was easier than the time I decided we would organize everything we owned into small plastic containers.  How difficult could it be?

Except for one unforeseen element, it was pretty simple.  The one little surprise was on my nightly trip in the dark to the commode.  The first time you sit, bare butted, down on a cold plastic seat in the middle of the night you imagine that you will never recover from the shock.  I now understand wrapping the toilet seat covers with those silly little rug-like bonnets.  I can now envision a market for electrically warmed covers.

Still I persisted in my belief that in a perfect universe this might make sense.  Greg was cooperating and it was certainly worth a try.  Diane insisted she had been sleeping better and I needed to trust someone in all of this.  When I told my daughter and her husband about my new bend on concealed plumbing for a better America my son-in-law asked only one thoughtful question. "Can you get me some kind of meter so I can measure just how much positive energy is going down the toilet so I can see if it's worth the effort?"  Quite the practical philosopher I'd say.  Men in general have a problem lowering the seat let alone the entire cover.  I wonder if I could convince men that part of the positive energy was sexual in nature?  If I could do that I would be a heroine among women in this particular domestic controversy!

I have learned a few things in my foray into Feng Shui. One valuable lesson is that people with dogs who already leave their toilet seat covers down to discourage the taking of refreshment from the bowl are way ahead of those of us who have been flushing away our good Chi.  This might be the reason people with pets live longer.  Finally, the most important element is that change results in conversation.  That may be reason enough to try something new on the home front.  You just never know what will effect personal growth.  Now I think it's time to hang those wind chimes in the North East corner of my office.  What the's worth a shot.


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    • shanel profile image

      shanel 8 years ago from Seattle

      I think that you hit the nail on the head with your toilet example. A lot of Feng Shui just makes good sense. Hilarious hub, thanks!