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An Angel Statue can Welcome You Home

Updated on June 26, 2010

The key to achieving a garden that is both aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance is planning.  You need to seriously look at your area, planning focal points to draw you naturally down the path or paths to each new discovery, without chaotic clutter.  Carefully selecting the proper placement of plants/planters and lighting will save you money and time now as well as with future maintenance.  Adding color to your garden can be done with plants, lights and garden décor.

A landscaped garden can take a lot of effort to set up and on-going maintenance.  However, the work can produce something magnificent!
A landscaped garden can take a lot of effort to set up and on-going maintenance. However, the work can produce something magnificent!

Setting up Focal Points

Looking at the beginning of your garden, do you want an angel statue welcoming you in, the twinkling lights glistening through the water of a fountain or a rose covered arbor promising more beauty beyond?  It may take several trips through your garden area to verify you have the correct types of plants for the daylight they will receive, so the placement of plants needs to be decided first.  You can plant trees and shrubbery in concrete planters and there are various materials you can use for smaller plants, so even if your ground is not suitable for plants, you are still able to have them.  There are self-watering planters, which will cut down on your maintenance time, and some planter materials are very low maintenance.


Concrete is the planter of choice for trees and shrubs because it has the strong walls to contain their large root system as well as good insulating properties to protect them against extreme temperature changes.  The fiberglass planters are strong and a lot lighter for ease of maneuverability plus safe to leave out year round.    Both of these materials are safe for use with plants, as are most of the wood planters, although the stain and sealers for wood may be toxic for plants and the wood does tend to attract pests.  It is recommended for the wood planters that you use root bags to protect both your plant and the planter.

Planters come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  They are essential components of a well designed garden.
Planters come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They are essential components of a well designed garden.

Statues and Garden Décor

A bench placed overlooking a sea of flowers or bronze statues can add color and nostalgia to your setting.  They are all different prices and sizes so you can find the perfect one for any area and budget, allowing your personality to shine as bright as the water flowing from the fountain.  It is an easy matter to separate a whimsical, playful area from the calming serenity of an angel statue with shrubbery or just a new focal point in a different direction.

Landscaping Supplies

Buying all your landscaping supplies at the same dealer will help ensure you are not forgetting important items.  The professionals will also be able to advise you on the best types of grass, shrubbery and flowers for your area and what you want to achieve.  They have invaluable knowledge about low maintenance ideas that may be lost if you buy from various places.

Garden Lighting

Garden lights can be either bright enough for you to walk down a path, spotlight a special treasure or dim enough to simply enhance an area, or any combination of these.  Solar powered lighting is the way to go if you live in an area where this is feasible.  The lights themselves are more expensive to initially buy, but that amount is soon paid back with the money you save in electrical costs.  They also give you the freedom to place lights where you do not have power installed, yet they come in almost any type of light, such as spotlights and pathway lights.

Garden lighting can be a significant investment but can give you a whole new appreciation of your hard work once the sun goes down
Garden lighting can be a significant investment but can give you a whole new appreciation of your hard work once the sun goes down

Check Your Budget

Once you have a general idea of what you want, you need to work it into your budget.  You can cut a lot off the price of things by choosing a different material or size statue or garden décor.  There are beautiful garden fountains as inexpensive as $130.00 for a 60” tall concrete one or as expensive as $1,325.00 for a slightly taller fiberglass one with lights.  If you are doing the work yourself, it is not going to be done overnight, so buying the things you need as you go, with a list to keep you on track will help.  This will also help ensure your plants are not dying for lack of care.


You may need to do a lot of preparation before you can start planting or even set your first statue down, so do not forget to check your area to see if you need to level the ground, add gravel, etc. Your family and friends will start to avoid you if you call them more than twice to move a heavy bench or planter.

Tips on the Placement of Statues and Planters in your Garden


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