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An Inground Lawn Sprinkler System For Under 200 Dollars

Updated on December 16, 2013

The Goal: Get The Greenest Lawn On The Block

We all want a great looking lawn in the summer right? The kind of lawn that will get the neighbors wondering about how you’ve got a greener lawn with little or no effort at all.

During the spring and summer months is the time to get the lawn you always wanted. But getting there will require you to babysit your lawn instead of going camping or taking a trip to the beach to hang out with friends.

Maintaining and watering your lawn can easily turn your summer into nothing but moving the sprinklers and hoses every day. Without a proper lawn irrigation system the watering process can surely take time away from your late afternoons after work and weekend relaxation.

The Solution: Install Inground Sprinklers

Inground sprinkler systems are definitely the way to go. They do away with hoses and auto water during the periods of the days that are cool and actually save a ton of water. In fact many communities now have strict water usage rules and require you to conserver water by only allowing certain days and times for watering.

But the whole problem with in-ground irrigation systems is that they are very costly to install and not easy maintain or repair. So what's the best alternative for in-ground pvc sprinkler system?

The Alternative: LawnBelt

We've found a great sprinkler alternative called Lawnbelt. Not only is it an affordable sprinkler system, it is one that you can install yourself without tearing up your lawn.

It has a unique design that allows it to be installed just under your lawn about 2 inches below grade. Unlike standard in-ground sprinkler, Lawnbelt does not require you to drain it in the fall. It auto winterizes after the water shuts off every time you the sprinkler zones shut off.

It comes with three full spray 360 degree sprinkler heads, 50 feet of Lawn Belt, all clamps and fittings and elbows needed. You can also order the kit without heads and use their maximum coverage rotors which provide you with 3 heads spraying 40 foot circles. Lawnbelt can also be timed to go off in the early morning while your sleeping in or away on vacation.

If you need help designing a sprinkler system, you can checkout the templates and grid sheets that will make it easy for you to estimate your project. Each sprinkler kit will take up to 3 hours to install and requires nothing but a utility knife, screwdriver, flat spade and a pitcher of ice tea.


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