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An Insight on Wall Decorative Plates

Updated on February 15, 2011

A wall without any paintings and decorations appears stale. The appearance of the entire room seems dull. When you add some decorative plates on the wall, it brings an overall change. You will find your room more lively and vibrant. This is one of the reasons why people are attracted to these decorative plates. I have personally used decorative plates in room designs and can assure you that plates are one way to make your room stand out. The best part of wall decorative plates is that you do not need assistance from interior designers to liven up your room; instead, you can do the entire thing efficiently without spending much money. That makes plates very cost effective and an easy addition to your walls.

If there is a need to implement some home decoration ideas, you can get an entirely new enigmatic look in your house. Take your room from dull or appealing by deciding to use plates in your room. There are different decoration choices available, but they just don't achieve the same effects in the room so one needs to be selective. The selection of the décor also highlights your taste and style for a room. There are a variety of styles of decorative wall plates which could seem daunting at first, but don't panic. You will find most of them are good choices.

Decorative Plate
Decorative Plate

The first thing that you need to decide is the type of plate you wish to use on your walls. Some plates have chemical paintings which can be harmful to ones health. You need to avoid placing these plates in the kitchen but you can use them in the living room. Avoid looking for specific designs of plates it is a waste of time. The best look you can give your room is by varying the style of decorative plates. A vibrant looking plate can be a great selection but here too, you need to be selective because too much of this is not good especially in the living room.

Some experts believe that people in the medieval era used plates too, but their designs were different while still serving a similar purpose to make the room more lively and beautiful. They would use elegantly edged decorative plates which you can also try; any style can certainly add beauty to your room. One does not have to go to extremes though as it could backfire. You can use designs from the medieval era but check on whether the design is currently in fashion. Once you have confirmed that you can go ahead with the plates.

Map the entire area where you are going to place or hang the plates. Take note of which wall is best to showcase the plates. If you have other pictures on the wall take them into account when determining where to hang your decorative plates. You need to make sure that the plates make sense with the other items already on the wall. If they do not compliment each other the wall will have a shabby look. Make sure that you take these things into account when designing your room by adding decorative plates. You can come up with unique looks which can dynamically change your room. Try to create focal points throughout the room which can be done through placement.

The colors you choose in plates will a big effect on the appearance of the wall so make sure to take into account the color in the decorative plates. Looking for vibrant designs is a good option, while placing decorative plates with dull colors on the wall will not get the desired effect. Both the color of room and plate needs to play off each other to achieve that picturesque appearance. Keep the colors complimentary.

One way to do this is by using the internet because you find and experiment with color combinations there. Get advice from people who use decorative plates in their homes because they have already been down this path. Giving them a unique position to give handful tips on purchasing and selecting plates.


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