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An Observation of the Floral Industry in Japan

Updated on December 24, 2015

Japanese Flowers

Japanese Flowers to gift.

The customs of the Japanese has been a growing interest in both Europe and the United States. The Japanese traditions have been integrated into entertainment, design and even our landscapes. Americans and Europeans have incorporated many of their customs like; fish gardens with the Koi fish, botanical gardens and also feng shui for floristry. But, the floristry business of the Japanese happens to be a really different tale. The flower industry of Japan grew a lot in the 70's and really took off throughout the 80’s. In the 80's Japan witnessed a great number of floral startups. However, they did not stay around for that long due to many different factors like lack of knowledge and profitability. Since around 1990 a lot of the flora that are sold from flower businesses in Japan have been brought in from other areas like Holland and Malaysia. It may be found in Petersburg: For the time being, this is the best economical decision for the Japanese because it is far cheaper to import the freshly cut blossoms then to cultivate them within the country.

It seems that the people of Japan don’t purchase flowers as often as other regions of the world. However, they do take pleasure in their home landscapes and home gardens just as much as the rest of us would delight in fresh cut flowers. There happen to be a lot of notable flowers which are indigenous to Japan like the Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossoms are called Sakura in Japanese. These flowers have many symbolic natures in Japan and have been added greatly in their artwork and anime. Cherry Blossoms generally are symbolic of clouds since they appear much like that when grown and are also tied in with existence.

The Japanese Lotus is another notable bloom that is indigenous to this country. The lotus flower is an aquatic perennial that blooms just in shades of white and pink. Researches have found that these flowers are heat producing flowers. This indicates that they are able to regulate their internal temperatures just like mammals do. The lotus flower is a symbol for rebirth and purity.

Since Japanese culture has been rising in popularity within the United States and Europe you might be close to a person that is interested in their culture and traditions. If you are thinking up gift ideas for someone who loves Japan then surprise them with a wonderful Japanese styled floral arrangement or even a Japanese plant for those that would enjoy a gift which lasts longer.


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