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An Update of Our Aquaponics Garden Build May 24th 2013

Updated on November 11, 2013

Our Aquaponics Build as of May 20th 2013

This is a lot of work for an old crippled up guy like my self, but you youngsters should have no problems whatsoever getting this task done quickly. If I had the funds and the means I'd be done already and cycling, but they say all good things come to those who are patient. This first snapshot to the right kinda shows where It was on the 20th of May 2013. But as of this write she is a little more organized and ready for some plumbing.

Our rails are about 40 inches high to their bottom they are made from treated 2x6's and 2x4's three 20 footers each 60 foot of boards two cuts with the saw. They are staggered with the long rail at opposite ends of each side to aid in Its strength.

Not that it needs it with these monster poles. The recycled telephone poles are seven feet in length and stick out of the ground about four and half feet to about four and three quarters feet which is no big deal. I could trim them with the chain saw so that they were all the same height, but there is no need really as they only support the rails.

The Over All View from the North Side of the Green House

Our Green house is running East to West with the major amount of the pluming, holding tanks, and Filtration tanks facing North. As the wind blows the coldest in winter from the North here the bulk of the water will shield the Green house from the fierce winter winds we hope. We can easily wrap these tanks or build a small shed around this 20 foot section of our build.

The large white tank is recycled it was a holding tank for water so no worries there. It was had for sixty dollars a while back we got It at a farm auction. I just need to find a lid and make sure the drain vale is not leaking. It sits upon a dirt box up about three feet off the ground. We did this to make our Aquaponics system totally gravity fed which will allow us to run the systems off of one pump; the sump pump.

In this picture you can see two small looking gray tanks behind them are three more tanks this is our Bio filter, Swirl filters, and the old sump tank. I have since gotten a bigger one. Here where they are located now, we will dig a sump pit. In here all these tanks will be placed in about two and half to three foot below ground level. Again this allows us to Gravity feed the systems off of one pump which will be in the sump tank in the sump pit. Which will be the lowest part of our system.

Our Green House is Thirty Feet Long and Twelve Feet Wide

A small Green house by most standards but we have another thirty foot of wood chips laid out to the East of the Green house for our Flood and Drain systems this part of this build will be out in the open air. These troughs are already made galvanized troughs that are fourteen foot long and lined with a plastic liner. We will eventually have three, we hope by the years end.

These run about $129.00 to $139.00 each at TSC the Tractor Supply Store here in town. All I'll need to do is patch the weep holes. Because they are directly over a bar. Making it to hard to install the Bell siphon and over flow pipes. They stand about 15 to 18 inches off the ground as is. But raising them up would be no problem a few cement blocks will do the trick.

Can you See the Big Tank in the Very Back There?

This Tank is also a recycled tank it was used for water too. This will sit where the two little black troughs are now sitting in this picture. This tank is a Five hundred gallon tank and we will use it for our adult fish. I will need to cut a larger opening in it to make harvesting a lot easier to do as of now there is only about a 12 inch round hole to access the fish. But I can easily fix this with a jig saw or cutting wheel and grinder.

Our Fries and Finger lings will be raised in the two large black troughs they are 110 gallons each. And the other two black troughs are 50 gallons each. And these will be use to give the young ones and their tanks extra filtration. They will be Flood and Drain systems also.

Also not picture here yet is our three kiddie pools for our DWC System they are six foot round and 15 inches deep. We will place foam rafts with holes in them to grow melons and lettuces on.

All manner of big leafy greens that like wet roots. These three tanks will also need aerators to aid in the health of the plants grown in them as their roots will need lots of oxygen when totally submersed in water.

Do You Believe I Still Need More Blocks?

Here is a better view of the Green house and how big it is. 30x12x12. Twelve foot high at the crest and twelve foot wide and thirty foot long. Plenty of grow space for our first try at this stuff I would think.

Do You See That Cut Off to the Right?

That Cut off is ten inches wide it was the very bottom of the telephone pole it was so heavy we had to use the Mini excavator to place it into its hole.

If you look in the left hand corner and to the top of this picture just inside the Hoops you can see a 22 gallon tank. This is one of three which sits up on a scaffold and drains into a 55 gallon tank.

You can't see them here, but in the second large picture above you can get a glimpse of one of these 55 gallon tanks in the shaded area in front of the one thousand gallon tank.

Plus you get an even better view of the other two 22 gallon tanks. This is a little bit of over kill on my part, but I think it will help in the long term maintenance of the over all systems and Green house. If we decide to expand or decrease the grow spaces or replace the systems for something better.

Here is a Good View of the Rails and Untied Cattle Panels

This is a Westward view looking into the Green house. Here you can see the four small tanks in front of the One thousand gallon tank, the dirt box, and the Cattle panel Hoops as well as the treated rails.

What you can't see is behind that one thousand gallon tank there are three small 22 gallon tanks that flow into three 55 gallon tanks. These 55 gallon tanks are for each individual system . Here we can shut them off and redirect the flow of the nutrient rich water to the grow beds, the NFT system, or the Deep Water Culture systems.

The Deep water Culture systems are three kiddie pools which are not picture yet they are six feet round and 15 inches deep.


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 4 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      brainspike I got this Ideal from a youtuber and I posted his post at the Aquaponics Blog His is much longer.

      The URL is: you'll have to search a little, but you'll find It. I thought it would be fast and easy and it was and very reasonable cost wise Thanks for the read and comments.

      Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

      I think Aquaponics will appeal to many of us tinkers and I am learning of many ways to earn from this Venture not that was my initial Goal. But if I can earn as i am learning I'll be Happy.

    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 5 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thank you Zsuzsy I am also blogging about our progress at Blogger. I have several Blogs there and two with wordpress also. The URL is: this is a video Blog and it has other Gardens and farmers and their hints and tips there as well as our own. From my Poetry website which is my main website PW&OSfStSM you can find all my Blogs and E-books and videos. Its URL is This is my newest Blog and it has kick started my Adsense earnings as well as my ratings at Alexa. Thanks for the read and comment. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor man

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 5 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Very interesting hub. I'll be looking for follow-up hubs to see how everything is working out for you.

      good luck

      regards Zsuzsy


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