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An accessory Illumalid of the Yankee Candle is a gorgeous addition for a favorite candle

Updated on March 24, 2016
Accessory Illumalid of the Yankee Candle
Accessory Illumalid of the Yankee Candle

Hello!! It is so beautifully and sunny outside, that’s why I have just a really perfect mood)) What about yours? I just have recently thought that I have never had a chance to write an article about candles’ accessories! Me, a person who can’t imagine her life without scented product and scented candles in particularly! Accessories help to make a real masterpiece and stylish décor out of a usual candle. Today I want to speak about one of the most original accessories which is not well-known to other people. That is an accessory Illumalid of the Yankee Candle.

I very like scented candles of the Yankee Candle, that’s why I often write about them in my blog. Fragrances are really rich and gorgeous, an assortment is just huge, stylish designs and so on are main advantages of these candles. Everyone can find something to his or her liking. Above all else, the Yankee Candle Company produces a lot of accessories for its goods.

It was just brief information about a Yankee Candle’s assortment. But it is time to speak about the Illumalid accessory.)) So, what is the Illumalid of the Yankee Candle? It is a kind of a decorative cap for candles in jars of the Yankee Candle. It suits only middle size and big size scented candles, because their necks are wider than in small jars. I should also say that Illumalid won’t suit decorative candles, but only candles in jars.

As far as I know that the Yankee Candle Company has invented this accessory. There are also many other decorative elements such as seasonal décor, festive décor, every day décor and so on. It is possible to pick up a cap Illumalid with cats on Halloween or with snowflakes on Christmas.

Illumalid with cats on Halloween
Illumalid with cats on Halloween
Illumalid with snowflakes on Christmas
Illumalid with snowflakes on Christmas

It is important to say that such accessory is not only beautiful and stylish, but also quite useful! Due to a cap, the flame preserves its warmth even better, which means that wax will melt more evenly and smoothly. If you often use scented candles, you could quite often bump into this problem. The accessory Illumalid will easily solve this problem!)

The accessory Illumalid makes a mesmerizing night light out of a candle in evening time, looking especially gorgeously when light is switched off. It creates really romantic atmosphere!)

Illumalid of the Yankee Candle
Illumalid of the Yankee Candle

By the way, if you want to present someone with a scented candle of the Yankee Candle, you can also pick up the accessory Illumalid, because it looks really festive.

It is hard to believe that such a little thing can create such a wonderful and mesmerizing effect!)) Try and share your impressions!)


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