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Steps to stop the chaos in your kitchen

Updated on October 24, 2015

Working woman's life is always in a hurry . they spend less time in kitchen cooking . In a hurrying life of such kind its difficult to find things at the right place and at the right time, a slight planning can ease your tension make you do kitchen work faster.

Often those working women or even house wives are seen running to the stores for the missing vital culinary ingredients --only to find out that you had it on your hand all along due to work stress you could not trace where it was ?so instead of running to the stores why not arrange things in such a way that it will stop the chaos any further.

Here are certain steps to stop the chaos :--

  • First of all before you set a pantry ,remove all that you have on the shelves and clean out the storage jars. Restock all the item and categories them according to food type.
  • Assign shelves :-Find a home for each type of item .example :one shelf for cereals ,one for canned food one for spices and one for things you need for baking like flour essence and flavorings ,yeast,or baking soda etc
  • Reduce dead space :-make it sure the selves do not have too much dead space .If there is empty space above the can self ,adjust it in such a way that you can stack a couple of cans on top of one another
  • Make two storage sections in your kitchen. one to keep items that are bought in bulk eg; rice , flour and sugar. Then pour small amounts in attractive jars that can be replenished every week,from the things stored in bulk previously.

  • Use canisters :empty coffee cans or airtight glass jars are ideal for food storage we can refill those jars again and again to keep the grains safe from insects and infestations
  • Label all the cans with the products inside them to get to them easily when you are looking for it .sometimes things look alike so its difficult to differentiate.
  • Add some rattan baskets and pull drawers, and the Pantry becomes not only functional but easily accessible
  • Keep utensil in the big drawers so that they would not create mess in the kitchen instead can be picked when required and used .
  • The Roll-outs drawers improves the visibility of the food items in the back of the pantry cabinet.
  • Have wall cabinets they are tall cabinets or full-height pantry doors and can store more things in them .
  • Place rarely used stuff above in the cabinet and things used often below close to your hand so that they can be reached easily
  • Keep a small stool to reach things placed high so that you need not suffer a fall or a spill of your kitchen stuff in trying to reach them.


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