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Ancient Kauri Wood is Both Exotic And Eco Friendly

Updated on October 12, 2011

Many exotic species of wood come from the rainforest or other ecologically sensitive locations on our planet. So how can a wood species be both exotic and eco-friendly at the same time? Ancient Kauri Wood is unique. Buried beneath the earth, you will find this wooden treasure.

No Living Trees Are Destroyed

When ancient kauri (pronounced cow-ree) is harvested, not a single living tree is destroyed. That's because it comes from kauri trees that have been preserved underground for many years - possibly 50,000 years or more.

The ancient trees are unearthed from a bog in New Zealand where certain conditions such as temperature and environment have worked to preserve a huge amount of kauri trees that existed a long time ago.

Age of the Wood

Currently, there are many kauri trees growing in New Zealand and other locations, which are commonly used as material for a wide variety of building projects. Kauri trees are very important to the history and development of the area. But ancient kauri is very unique.

Ancient kauri wood has been Scientifically Radio Carbon Dated to an estimated 50,000 years old. It is believed to have been buried during the last Ice Age. It is not petrified wood; it can be worked the same as other standard species of wood.

The Harvesting Process

The logs of ancient kauri are found below the surface of farm and ranch lands. When a site is identified, permission is secured from the land owner and expert operators of heavy equipment carefully expose and lift the logs out of the prehistoric bogs. The large logs are moved to a location to begin the milling process. For more details about harvesting the wood see my blog

Ancient Kauri Available in the US

Once harvested and milled, ancient kauri is shipped around the world. In the US it is available from in many standard professional grades professional grades, such as veneers and fire kiln dried and much more. Every shipment from New Zealand is sampled and tested by the leading laboratory in the United States for Radio Carbon Dating, Beta Analytic of Miami, Florida. The wood is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Ancient Kauri is used by everyone from the home woodworker who is making jewelry, to the interior designer who is creating special features in a home, to fine artists making their one of a kind creations.

Ancient kauri is the ultimate in "reclaimed" lumber because no living trees are harmed to harvest it. The beauty of the wood makes it so appealing.

Qualities of the Wood

Ancient Kauri is not an oily wood, it is similar in density to cherry, with textures similar to basswood. It can be cut, shaped, sanded and finished with what are generally considered normal techniques. Standard glues and joining practices work fine with ancient kauri., located in Wisconson, offers large slabs, free-form slabs, stumps, flooring planks, boards and more.

40 Foot Long Board available
40 Foot Long Board available

LEED Projects

How Ancient Kauri can help with your LEED project:

  • Meets all standards for environmentally responsible construction.

  • Full LEED credits apply – up to 3 points possible.

  • Reliable and immediate supply of materials available in US.

Credit Allocation:

Ancient Kauri presents a number of excellent opportunities for LEED credits in New Construction or Major Renovations. It can be used as (but not limited to): material for beams and posts, flooring, paneling, doors and frames, cabinetry and furniture, and decorative items.

Note: LEED is a green building rating system governed by the United States Green Building Council.

Table Service for 48 is not a problem with ancient kauri wood
Table Service for 48 is not a problem with ancient kauri wood


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