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Anderson Flooring Review

Updated on March 15, 2010

Anderson Flooring has been around since 1946 and according to it's website, has been making quality hardwood floor that would be considered upper end as far as wood goes. The family has been doing it for generations and they are responsible for several patents that have revolutionalized flooring, such as their patented 5-ply construction which was developed and created by the founder of the company and is now an industry standard. Thanks to this innovation, the 5-ply construction makes their engineered wood up to 100% stronger than traditional solid wood and more durable to boot.

Another innovation that the Anderson's created was the first "no-wax" floor with the freedom finish, an environmentally friendly solution to cleaning your wood floors.

Because of this, Anderson Flooring specializes primarily in engineered hardwood and focuses on the darker stained wood as well as the high end distressed, hand scraped planks available in the wider plank layout (up to 7 inches) popular today in higher end homes. Their main focus hard wood wise is red oak, pine, hickory, and maple hardwoods although they do have more exotic wood to choose from such as Pecan, Brazillian Hardwood, Rosewood and Patagonia Pecan.

The Anderson's have several different lines of hardwood including the very popular Virginia Vintage which subsequently allows you to choose varying plank widths of three, five and seven inch. This is a very rare benefit and most hardwood companies don't offer such when it comes to prefinished flooring . The Virginia Vintage collection is available in solid and engineered hardwood. Other Anderson collections include:

  • Cimmaron Collection
  • Classic Hickory
  • Coastal Art
  • Dellamano
  • Desert Hickory
  • Hermitage
  • Exotic Collection
  • and many others....

Anderson Flooring is environmentally friendly

Anderson Flooring also understands the importance on what foresting lumber can do to the environment. Upon registering your floors, the company has agreed to plant a tree through the Hardwood Forestry Fund. Thanks to companies like the Anderson's, there are more trees today than there were earlier in the century.

In addition to this, Anderson Flooring is an active member in a number of trade organizations:

According to the Better Business Bureau, Anderson Flooring gets an A+ rating at the time of this writing.


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    • profile image

      T. Thornsley 4 years ago

      I normally do not write reviews but I had such a horrific experience with Anderson Hardwood Floors that I wanted to warn future customers. In April 2012 I had their product called “Exotic Impressions” installed in my kitchen, family room, office and entry way (around 1100 sq feet). About 2 months after being installed we noticed that the wood around the windows had drastically lightened. When you lifted the area rug it was much darker underneath. The Sales Rep for this product and Store Manager (from where I purchased it) came to my house. The Rep tried to tell me this was normal sun damage and that I needed to have blinds on all the windows. He said, “Floors will fade over time.” I did not think over time meant 70 days! We submitted a claim along with pictures. the Rep took, to Anderson for review. They immediately denied the claim, of course. I honestly do not think they even looked at the pictures because there is NO WAY a reasonable person would think this was normal fading. Anyway, the store manager got involved and had to speak to one of the head people at Anderson to get him to review the claim personally. He did and it was eventually approved. This took many months!! This product line “Exotic Impressions” was an environmentally friendly product that did not have a stain on it. They somehow accelerated the aging process (though heat I believe) to give it the dark color. By the time my floor was replaced 8 months later the wood near the windows was almost a natural maple color. What upset me during this whole thing was I spent A LOT of money on this floor. This company did not stand by their product until they were pushed, pushed and pushed. It was frustrating and stressful for me and a pain for the Manager at the flooring store. By the way, that product line was eventually pulled from the store and from what I can tell (online and from visiting other stores) it is not being sold anywhere. The second frustrating thing was at first I was told I had to replace it with another Anderson product. I had picked a smooth, dark, wide planked, maple product. Almost all their other lines were distressed looking. The only smooth, dark maple was a very low grade and smaller width. The company and the Rep were of no help in pointing me towards an equivalent product. Finally the Store Manager, agreeing that there was no like product, told me to pick something else from his store from other lines. So, I’m happy to say I have a new floor that is NOT from Anderson. Since I most likely will not be purchasing wood flooring again in my lifetime I wanted to at least warn others.