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Angelica The Baby Angel , And her dog Tiny Go Out To Have Dinner With Becky, And Her Family.

Updated on April 10, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Angelica was playing with her dog Tiny in Heaven when her crystal ball rang. Sure enough Becky, our daughter called Angelica , and invited her to visit us, and mentioned her desire to eat out. She wanted Angelica, her mom, and Tiny to come along.

Tiny heard Becky talk about food so he licked his lips with his doggy tongue. Angelica ran to her mommy to ask Sarah if it would be alright to visit Becky on earth because she wanted to eat out with Becky.

Sarah told Angelica to go on ahead , and fly down to earth with Tiny, and to bring along some money to help Becky go to dinner. Angelica thanked her mother, and told her mother that she would give her a phone call every now, and then to let her know how things are coming along.Angelica's mother Sarah stayed in Heaven because she had company coming.

Angelic dressed in a lovely sun dress. Tiny wore his Yankees baseball cap. Together they hovered down to earth to Becky's bedroom to say hello to Becky. Becky hugged Angelica, and Tiny. Angelica was happy to embrace little Becky. Angelica held Becky's hand that can not be opened. Angelica , and Becky hugged with friendship, and Becky told Angelica not to worry. Becky knows that in Heaven she will be able to walk, and to see everyone well.

Joann, and Becky, and I, and Angelica, and Tiny all sat in our car as I drove to a nice place for dinner. We all took seats. Tiny waited eagerly with a butter knife, and fork as he was well prepared to have a serving of some chuck roast. Our entire family, and guests really enjoyed everything including chocolate ice cream.

Becky wanted pie. Angelica, and Tiny wanted some pie too. After everyone ate some pie, and drank some great ice cold tea, Tiny asked the waiter for another serving of chuck roast, and a whole pitcher of ice tea. Tiny really had a great time dunking portions of roast in Salisbury sauce.

Angelica opened her purse to pay for her share of the food, and Tiny's, but we insisted on covering the meals. Angelica asked me if she could bring her mother a dinner too. I told Angelica I would take care of that for her so we took care of that too.

We all had a nice time at dinner. It is not every day that we can eat out with , and angel, or with ,and angel dog .

When Angelic finally got home , she gave her mom a nice dinner, and some pie. Sarah said, Our Lord in Heaven will appreciate the offerings you brought for him as well . I am sure our father in Heaven appreciates you're kindness.

Our Lord was very kind to Angelica. Our Lord in Heaven brought Angelic to the Crusaders, and to see Joan of Arc. Joan gave Angelica a beautiful pearl white stallion which has jeweled saddle, and bridle. The beautiful stallion runs free in the golden winds of the Adirondacks, and fills the Heavens . and galaxies with starlight when Angelica rides her beautiful angel horse with Joan of Arc. Joan never allows Angelica to carry a real sword . She only lets her carry a play one.

Angelica has had a ball of fun riding along with Arc angels. Angelica has warmed the hearts of soldiers that cry out , for their mothers in their last breaths on the fields of battles. Angelica was there with angels when ships went down to the bottom of the seas. Angelica is like a little crusader for Heaven above. Angelica is a loving baby angel. She was never born in life. She was born in Heaven by the right hand of God.

God Bless Everyone.


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 4 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Blossom : Thank you for visiting precious heart. In the story Sarah's husband I think is still alive as a high powered executive in a firm. He is very sad because of the demise of his wife, and her unborn baby. He grieves for them, and to help him, Sarah, and Angelica descended from Heaven to see him, and to talk to him. God made it possible for him to see Sarah, and his unborn baby.

      Angelica helped to save her daddy's life from a sea storm. He was on , and ocean liner. The angels, and God calmed the mighty waters. It was not her daddy's time yet to pass on to the spirit world.

      Angelica loves her daddy, and so would Sarah love to have him with them, but they will fight for his life to continue to exist. Only when God in Heaven comes for her father will their family be truly together in the paradise of eternity.

      God Bless you dear heart. Glad you like the story.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      What a lovely, creative and evocative story.