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Angels in the Garden - Statues of Angels as Garden Ornaments

Updated on August 2, 2017
Dolores Monet profile image

An avid gardener for over 40 years, Dolores has landscaped for private clients and maintained one client's small orchid collection.


(photo by Dolores Monet)
(photo by Dolores Monet)

A Statue of an Angel in the Garden

After the trees and shrubs are planted, after the perennial garden is dug and the garden is really looking like the garden of our dreams, what better addition is there than a statue of an angel? Statues can give a garden a classic feeling, and add a focal point for an artistic feel.

Angel statues remind us of our attachment to God and creation. They are graceful and beautiful and highlight the garden as a place of peace and tranquility.

Below, you can buy angel statues online. The first group offered are expensive, high quality statues; the second group are priced lower than the first.

An angel statue makes an excellent gift for Christmas or a lovely present for other occasions throughout the year.

Angels - Some Background

The word angel is derived from the ancient Greek 'angelos,' meaning messenger of the gods.' The suffix, 'el,' found in the names of archangels such as Micheal, Raphael, and Uriel means, 'the shining one,' or 'a shining being,' and appears in the languages of many Western cultures.

Angels, or angelic type beings show up in the religious texts of all major Western religions. The concept of such beings is older than the belief in a benevolent, monotheistic God. Angels are mysterious and beautiful, monstrous and frightening and have stood for 6,000 years as a connection between earth and heaven, delivering messages and commanding armies. An angel ushered Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and and angel is said to guard the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword.

Angels in the Garden

Why, then, do angels appear so often as garden statuary? As we build our gardens, we are attempting to participate in an understanding of creation. We take a plain, blank area and fill it with plants - trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers. Some people add a water feature to the garden in the form of a pond, small stream, or fountain. Our gardens, over time, attract birds and other forms of local wildlife. The ponds are filled with fish and frogs.

As trees mature and our gardens fill out, they become peaceful havens, sanctuaries in a world filled with turmoil. Perhaps, the placement of a statue of an angel reminds us of our expulsion from the garden and signifies an attempt to return to that blissful place amidst the peace of nature.


(photo by Dolores Monet)
(photo by Dolores Monet)

Maybe, our angels are a message to ourselves, or God, that we have not forgotten our eviction from Eden. In our gardens, we try to repair a bit of the damage mankind has visited on the natural world and one another my regaining an appreciation for nature, and God's creation.

And maybe, it's just a thought, we imagine that the angels might bear a message from us to God, letting Him know that we are not complete jerks, that we remember and honor creation right in our own back yards.


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