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Answers to FAQ's About Custom Powder Coating

Updated on April 8, 2014

Common Questions about Custom Powder Coating

Powder coating is a superior option offering a number of benefits. If you are unfamiliar with this service and what it offers, here are some of the most common questions regarding powder coating and its benefits.

What exactly is powder coating?

This is an advanced technique of applying a protective finish to a large array of metal items with a mixture of pigment, resin and finely ground particles that is baked onto the actual product. The finished product is attractive and durable.

What advantages are offered by powder coating?

When the powder coating process is completed properly, it offers a superior finish that protects the actual metal product from any type of extreme conditions, including UV rays, abrasion, heat, scratching or corrosion.

What are the items that can be covered by powder coating?

The list of items that can be covered by powder coating include: railings, industrial fabrications, cabinets, office furniture, playground equipment, fencing, lawn furniture, marine parts, motorcycle parts, ATV, automotive and more. Essentially, if it is composed of metal, it can be powder coated. There are a number of different materials that can be used including urethane, polyester, epoxy, as well as a number of other hybrid formulations, including thermoplastic, PVC and ceramic.

Is powder coating safe for the environment?

All types of powder coatings are completely solvent free and do not emit any type of VOC (volatile organic compounds), which means that they are completely safe for the environment.

Are there any options for finishes and colors?

When you choose 3D powder coating, there are a number of different finishes and colors that you can choose from in stock. You also can have a special order created that will allow you a customized look for your powder coating job.

How much with the powder coating work cost?

The cost of the job will be dependent on a number of issues. This includes the total size, as well as the color of the powder that you have chosen. Keep in mind, all of the powders will not cost the exact same and there are also differences in quality, which range from the lowest level of standard to the highest level of extreme finish.

Why is powder coating a better option than liquid and what is the specific difference?

Unlike the traditional liquid paint option, using powder coating is a completely dry process. The particles are all finely ground so that the resin and pigment are electrostatically charged by the specially created gun that is used to spray the powder over the part that has been electrically ground. This spray, which is positively charged will stick effectively and efficiently. The part will then be ran through a trolley system and be put into the curing oven. The surface will be baked on with heat that is 400 degrees and then it will be removed to cool.

Once the powder finish is cured it is tough, durable and completely scratch resistant. Additionally, it is an affordable option for any metal or plastic surface that it is being used on.

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