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Ant Control The Organic Way

Updated on October 16, 2012

Antarctica the cold and desolate land that it is in one of the onl places in the world that you do not have to worry so much about pests making your home into their home. However, since we do not live in Antarctica you probably have to worry about the invastion of pests. You will encounter a multitude of pests, but each one will have a different treatment method. So rather than saturate your home with toxic chemicals here are some organic solutions for ant control that are safe for you, your children, and your pets.

For many of us we like to be outside during the summer months when the warm sun is beating down, but hate handling the pests. However, we also like being able to enjoy the outdoors and not have to wait an hour or overnight for the chemicals to dissipate so we look for alternative methods. So much like our chemicals that some of us use we look at various organic methods and realize that different types are needed for different bugs. For ants the following organic solutions work out really well in controling them.

Ants the common picnic area invader and if your counters are nt clean from crumbs, or sweet sticky items such as candy your counter invader as well.  The first organic method is one of general cleaning of your couters because if a food source cannot be found they will not rear there little heads. The second thing that can help you control the sweet and sticky items would be to ensure that any honey that you have open or flavoring items are wrapped in a pastic bag. In the cleaning process if you have any dirty dishes that you plan on leaving overnight you will want to wash them prior to going to bed. Even if we cannot see it there is likely a food crumb on the plate or left over soda in a cup that we do not know about. For your outdoor patio grilling area you will want to make sure that your grill is cleaned after each use which will remove the temptation of the ants going into your grill for a free meal. If you like throwing your leftover food items into your yard you will want to make sure that you put them far away from your home and outdoor area that you utilize.

If you want a direct action that you can take against the invading ants you an fill a spray bottle with soapy water then you can spray them. If you are able to trace them back to the hole that they entering your home at you will want to set out some cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, or lemon juice in a line all around the hole. If you are able to do a complete circle it will be even better for you since ant will not cross the line that you trace around the hole.

If the ants are still bugging you then it is time for some serious control. The control method is one that you will not want to let your pets get to, but it will take care of your ant problem with the lure of food. For this one you will want to take honey and Borax and mix it in at a 1 to 1 ration. Then this part will go against the cleaning rule, but since your having this kind of issue already to reach this step you will want to put about 1.5 teaspoons into a jar and set it next to the hole or where you see the ants at the most. You are basically using this as a bait jar for them which then when they get the Borax they will unknowingly take this back to the colony. Please remember though do not let children or pets near this solution.

For the outdoors where wild animals can easily get into any of the solutions above and the sun can cause your lines to fade quickly you will want to try a different method. If the ants have invaded your deck take a few cloves of garlic and place in between the boards. The cloves of garlic will need to be cut into pieces before placing them in the boards. Ants cannot stand garlc and will stay as far away as possible from the strong odor that garlic can put off. If ants are on your deck outside, use your organic pest control skills and put a few cloves of garlic, previously cut into pieces, between the cracks of the deck slats.  Ants don't like garlic and will steer clear of the strong odor. 

While many of us will continue to use the chemicals you do not have to! These are some of the easiest solutions that you can do without spending a fortune of money to rid your home of those pesky ants. Not only that most of these methods will allow you to enjoy having your pets around your home and not have to worry about the problem of not enjoying your outdoor area for an hour or two while the chemicals absorb.

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