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Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat and Waterhog Mat

Updated on January 20, 2015

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat for Moms At Home

Guess who is the most over worked person in the family? Gets up before the rest of the family does and have longer working hours. No weekends off and additional work on all holidays.

It’s the mom at home who cleans cooks and loves everyone around her. What is most needed is that ever one should realize and care for her needs and her comfort. This can be done by making her work environments as comfortable as possible.

The place where a mom at home spends most of her time is the kitchen. She stands by the counter preparing food for all and n the process gets exhausted.

Doctors say that standing on hard surface causes fatigue, as the nerves in the base of the feet bare all the load of the body and effect health overall. There was no way to prevent this fatigue earlier, but now there is a great way to reduce it.

Anti fatigue kitchen mat is a great way to reduce stress which is caused by constant standing. When anti fatigue kitchen mat is laid in a kitchen it gives a cushion to the feet because they are soft and makes movement easy and comfortable.

Anti fatigue kitchen mat are not slippery and are easy to clean which makes them a hot favorite for all the moms who have them in their kitchens.

If you do not have Anti fatigue kitchen mat in your kitchen yet, surprise hr now with one and you will feel the change in her mood and efficiency. This new flooring will probably bring the most welcoming change that you will experience in years.

Think of it this way, that all industries and companies are now going for anti fatigue mats and have found that it has improved their worker’s efficiency, so why not enhance it at home too?

Waterhog Mat

You Need a Waterhog Mat This Rainy Season.

When the rainy season starts it just doesn't bring downpour with alone. What extra accompanies it is what you really dread. The mud tracks leading through the kitchen in to the living room as kids come home from school. Or even worse, guests with dirty shoes. What a mess! You already have a busy schedule and all the cleaning added in makes you cranky and exhausted.

There is always a solution to every problem and for this you need a waterhog mat this rainy season. Although every house has a door mat but they usually become useless as they can’t really prevent water and mud from going into the house.

Everyone is not careful enough to properly wipe their feet before entering. Even if they do wipe their feet after a few uses the mat becomes muddier than the shoes and nobody can use that any more. This is where waterhog mat comes in as a savior.

It is not like your regular door mat. It is specially designed to stop dirt from going beyond. Not only that, but waterhog mat traps water and dirt in such a way that previous dirt does not come in contact with another shoe stepping on it.

The waterhog mat itself can retain a lot of water and dirt which can be conveniently cleaned later just by rinsing and hanging it.

I think that your problems this season will definitely be over with this mat in place to save you all the hassle that you have been facing earlier without it.

Depending upon the traffic in and out of your main door, may it be an office or a home you will need to have this mat in place so that you’re indoors stay as clean as you are otherwise used to.

This might change your entire perspective of the rainy season when it only rains and no mud in the house.

Waterhog Entrance Mats

Do you have Waterhog Mat in your house?

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    • PairADice profile image

      GSP 3 years ago

      Yes, you should reconsider it if it's not comfortable. Great idea about having a built in mat. It would be very comfortable. It won't move unnecessarily and won't cause any trip hazard. The rubber mats are also great. There a rubber mats available specifically for kitchens. So, give it a try. Lots of varieties are available in Amazon.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Have a Great Day!

    • profile image

      win-winresources 3 years ago from Colorado


      Waterhog mats and ones like it do perform a useful function at entry and garage doors. It is the kitchen mat that I have concerns about. I have a very high quality mat in front of my stove. Indeed, when standing on it, it does provide a level of comfort, however, when moving on and off of it, there is a definite trip hazard. Even though the edges are beveled, the trip hazard remains. Several close calls are making me reconsider this item in my kitchen.

      Installing such a mat in new construction where the mat can be builtin to be floor level in front of the sink or stove would be a better idea.