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Antique Brass Plumbing Fixtures

Updated on February 12, 2013

Vintage Bathrooms are Timeless

A lot of people think by using antique fittings in their bathrooms that they're bathroom will look "old fashioned" - but the reality couldn't be further from the truth! Many contemporary interior designers are increasingly using antique brass bathroom fixtures - for a number of reasons.

During the last few decades many the vast majority of bathrooms have been decorated with chrome bathroom fixtures - and whilst chrome offers beautiful clean lines, it can also be quite cold and harsh.

Brass fittings offer a great degree of warmth to the bathroom and can also set the tone for other matching furnishing such as bamboo plants, wooden venetian blinds etc. Combined with some scented candles an you really would have a bathroom that you'd want to spend hours on end in.

Whats the cost?

Like anything the cost can vary wildly - for example you can buy bargain vintage bathroom faucets for around $30 - they won't look authentic - but if you're on a budget and you want to have more a Victorian style bath time - then why not!

But for more authentic antique fixtures you'd probably want to spend a minimum of $250-$450 (just for the faucets).

There's also the possibility to get real antiques (at auction or by antique dealers) however youd need to ensure they were in good working order before splashing (excuse the pun) out big money. When we were renovating our home we contacted our local plumbers in dublin who worked with our builders in ensuring we got the right fixtures and fittings for the job.


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    • icmn91 profile image

      icmn91 4 years ago from Australia

      Great points. It certainly costs a lot to get authentic accessories but if they work well in the setting you can definitely raise the value of the whole house...