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Antique Mirrors for Collectors

Updated on January 2, 2013
Antique Mirror
Antique Mirror

Antique Mirrors for Collectors and Enthusiasts like You

Do you know why very many are interested in owning antique mirrors even though they are ultra expensive? Well, what truly makes them very important is their rarity and history. The older they became the better priced it is. And the older the collection is the more valuable a price it becomes to a collector.

If you are actually on the look for serious antique mirrors to collect, you should be looking for:

1. Venetian –Simple but classy types of antique mirrors

2. Victorian –grand and elegant antique mirrors

And as these designs may even be made by new makers and manufacturers today, you should look for ancient brands. Some are even no longer in the business. For samples, here are some of the brands you should be looking at:

1. Regency. Very rare nowadays but definitely of top quality

2. 18th Century. As its name implies, it is very old and rare

3. William & Mary. Regal looking antique mirrors and among the highest priced collectibles in the market now

4. Queen Anne. Designed lavishly for the high society. Priced more than twice than its original then

If not, you might want to know the world-class manufacturers or makers of these antique mirrors. The most valuable pieces are made by:

1. George Bullock

2. George Hepplewhite

3. George Smith

4. Gillows of Lancaster

5. Herter Brothers

And if you are looking for the most convenient way to find these antique mirrors, there are only two ways you can do that. One is by searching auction and antique houses, and two is by searching online.

Searching auction houses and antique parlors is an old school type of finding the things that you need. Although the most secured means when dealing with antiques as this way allows you to check and inspect the antiques impromptu, it is very time consuming. You see, you can’t expect any of the antique mirrors you are looking for in any store or shop especially if you are just walking in. You might end up hopping from one antique shop to another for what you actually want.

And so, searching online is the fastest and more convenient way to find the antique mirrors you want to adorn your home with. Given that everything on the transaction will be done online, it is a must that you ensure that the provider you are putting your money at is a trusted antique collector and dealer

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